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GameInformer has posted their NBA 2K15 wishlist. Quite a few topics on OS have been created as well. Make sure you check them out in our Forums and add to the lists here.

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# 1 jayman504 @ 01/07/14 07:29 AM
Roster saves to HDD..enough said!
# 2 Clappington @ 01/07/14 08:25 AM
I know people would disagree or be like why are you still on that but hey its a wish list.

Bring back the real crew I'd love to see that.

BETTER servers.

Tournaments maybe at the Park?
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/07/14 08:25 AM
ALL saves to the HDD. Please do away with VC in MyGM. Crazy that I have to use VC to change the rotation of my team.
# 4 Goffs @ 01/07/14 08:29 AM
Change the PARK where there's an option to play quick games with a friend rather than stand there for 20 minutes for a game to finish!

Bring back the mascots, cheerleaders and the sideline photographers.

Get rid of pre-made faces and bring back a true create a player!

Upgrade arena atmosphere (crowd noise, bells and whistles, etc.) the sound should be on par with the next gen graphics!
# 5 VDusen04 @ 01/07/14 08:32 AM
My request for more authentic and fulfilling end-of-game buzzer beaters, from this thread: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...-shot-yet.html.

Regarding buzzer beaters, I think this is one of the most obvious cases where, once proper end-of-game atmosphere and reaction were implemented, gamers would not be able to fathom how they were ever able to play a game that didn't contain such capabilities. When we look back on this era of gaming and how buzzer beaters played out (mediocre crowd reaction, a line or two from an announcer, no replay, three second cut-scene), we're going to find it hilarious.

For the sake of construction, here are my suggestions:

1) Audio Overhaul: Real life fan responses to buzzer beaters are deafening and immediate. Even if the crowd is loud and in a frenzy prior to the play, they still find another level in the event of an incredible game-winning finish. That feel does not translate into 2K.

2) Crowd Appearance Overhaul: I think EA NHL hockey had a sort of fan response technology where the crowd could leap in varied unison upon a scored goal. It didn't look perfect, but they were headed in the right direction. Buzzer beaters yield spastic physical reactions en masse.

3) Gamers Should Remain in Control: Celebration cut scenes are anti-climatic. On-court responses should take place in real time with no break or cut. Even if gamers can't control exactly whether their player fist pumps or dances, I think they should retain directional control. Teammates should be chasing the winning player. The bench should be clear. It should be frantic. It should not be five players sort of celebrating to themselves in a cut scene.

4) Commentary Overhaul: There's often been a delay in response to game-winning or important shots. I believe there should be more variance and a sense of improvisation. Sometimes it feels like the announcing is trying to sum up the game the second the shot goes in. Simple but excited can go far. "He hit it!", "YES!", "Game over!", "It's good!", then followed by feedback and summary.

5) Replays: 2K technology would benefit from being able to extend the replay window for their games. Have you guys ever hit a game-winner only to not pause fast enough to watch the replay? Or, you can access the replay but it stops before the ball hits the floor, not allowing you to re-live the glorious aftermath? I feel it should all play out and be able to be re-played out.

Further, I believe the game should linger after a big shot like that. By that I mean, commentators should show replays of the crazy shot and dissect the entire scenario ("Watch him step up and hit this shot! Unbelievable! I thought he had no chance! No chance!")

The buzzer beater may be the most exciting moment in all of basketball. It's a travesty that it's been so wildly misrepresented through the years. I mean, we've accepted it because we've never known any difference, but I feel it's time for a change.

Buzzer Beater Template:

# 6 ratedmoney @ 01/07/14 08:47 AM
The entire VC economy needs to be overhauled. Its taken over the entire game yet we don't receive enough VC to play multiple modes and enjoy them. If its gonna run the entire game they need to give us more VC and lower prices. BUT I think VC should strictly be in myteam. Using the same currency system over multiple modes is a bad idea as you then have to decide which mode to invest the most time in and some of us wanna enjoy the entire game.

Also this constant connection to the servers stuff needs to be stopped. If we have to rely on your servers to play our game then your servers better work 100% of the time. Theres no excuse for me not being able to enjoy my $60 purchase because your servers crapped out.
# 7 asu666 @ 01/07/14 09:06 AM
1. Roll back VC to online-focused modes and definately out of MyGM.
2. Enable managable hard drive saves
3. Add in more little touches (e.g., players wearing warm ups on the bench, people moving in the stands, dancers/cheerleaders, camera people on the baseline, etc.)
# 8 Conda @ 01/07/14 09:10 AM
MVP's need to be recognized at the end of All-Star game & Rising Stars game (trophy please). It shouldn't have that, "just another game," feel. That goes for the Conference Finals, Finals etc...
# 9 Blaine_Man @ 01/07/14 09:12 AM
I second this post.
# 10 LiamC14 @ 01/07/14 09:14 AM
- Improve team mate AI
- Directional passing needs to be improved
- Guards should be able to easily get by big men
- Take out long, annoying animations.
- Lower the amount of blocked shots
- Team mates help for no reason and leave people open for 3.
- Players with high layup and offensive awareness ratings should be able to automatically protect the ball from a defender if he is about to get blocked instead of just going up with the same lay up and getting rejected

- More diverse, less scripted story line.
- Have a currency exclusive to MyCareer so people can't just buy a 99 overall.
- Have team mates do basic fundamentals e.g not leaving people open for three, box out, not letting their men to the paint so easily.

- Make legend packs only able to be purchased with MT points so that people cant just buy ridiculous amounts of vc to get a legend and so people who aren't willing to pay aren't disadvantaged.
- Increase difficulty.

- Add more features

- Not sure if it's just me but there is a huge button delay while playing online which makes it almost unplayable. I dont have the same problem with EA games like madden and fifa.
- Better, dedicated servers
# 11 VC15AP18 @ 01/07/14 09:41 AM
CPU VS CPU in MyGM, its not that hard to do...it was in there when the game shipped. I don't want to play everygame, its nice to see how the team you built plays without me controlling them. Its frustrating. I don't want to play every game or sim every game...no other option.
# 12 Goffs @ 01/07/14 09:45 AM
Balance the PARK (or whatever its going to be next year) with some defense.....for once can we have something that nullifies posterizer! I wasted 7,500 VC points for the useless LOCKDOWN DEFENDER thinking that this would've been useful at The Park.

Setting pick logic needs to be redone...I HATE seeing a guy standing in no mans land setting a damn pick...this has been around far too long in the series.

REBOUNDS...this needs to be addressed as well
# 13 BucksFan5Covers @ 01/07/14 10:04 AM
Since my player is such a huge part of game I think some sort of game face system should be implemented. Just like EAs. Oh and the fact that there is only one voice in my career is kind of stupid.
# 14 VDusen04 @ 01/07/14 10:19 AM
1. Bring Back Local Saves: This would include the ability to have numerous saves of each type (i.e. eight roster saves, three franchise modes, two MyPlayers, etc.).

2. Bring Back Create-a-Player: In addition, provide update to dated create-a-player model. New haircuts, new facial hair, the ability to add masks, the ability to add goggles, etc.

3. Bring Back Manual Saves

4. Bring Back ReelMaker with YouTube Upload Capability

5. Overhaul on-court audio samples: This includes the sound of slam dunks, missed shots, made swishes, made almost-swishes (touching the back rim on the way down), crowd response, and more (thread: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...tmosphere.html).

Also, from the linked thread above, it'd be cool to see the NBA's newer rims that flex and breakaway slightly to the sides make it into the game (as in the Nate Robinson dunk clip).

6. Return a Sense of Realism to MyPlayer Mode: Some aspects of MyPlayer that I do not feel match NBA 2K's typical simulation mission statement:

A. Players being paid in gold
B. Mime teammates
C. Near immediate rise to incredible stardom
D. Having to use significant portions of salary to purchase accessories (and different colorways of those accessories)
E. Every, single career featuring the same exact storyline of a player rising from the street courts to the NBA

Some aspects of MyPlayer that I feel would restore a sense of realism that's consistent with what gamers have come to expect out of NBA 2K's quality simulation product over the years:

A. Players paid with real money
B. The re-introduction of the Draft Combine, Summer League, Training Camp, and D-League
C. Varied career paths that do not always lead to earning a starting job after 20 regular season games
D. Spending money only on things that'd actually cost money (i.e. not paying to alter one's shot release)
E. The ability to choose one's jersey number, even after being traded or signing with a new team
F. The game recognizing and choosing the correct jerseys for your team (ex: Sunday night alts). If nothing else, allowing the gamer to make the correct choice.

7. Steer MyGM Back Toward Reality: Some of the new implementations of MyGM have potential to move the franchise mode forward. However, I feel a few of the new additions are completely out of place and are inconsistent with an NBA basketball simulation. Namely, I feel the "leveling up through earning VC" to be almost completely off-base and almost entirely divorced from any semblance of real-life front office replication.

8. Bring Back Franchise Control Options: This includes 30 team control, forced trades, jersey options, complete freedom to run an NBA league as we saw fit.

9. Full Fleshing Out of Classic Jerseys: I feel finally completing the collection would allow gamers a more fully customizable experience that'd keep a large portion of the NBA fanbase engaged and locked in (fans of classic teams and fans of creating teams). Speaking of creating teams...

10. Bring Back Create-a-Team. Enhance it: Provide the ability add city names or team names across the jersey breast. Implement a thorough court-editor (similar to NCAA College Hoops 2K8).

11. Add More Classic Teams: There's a dedicated faction of basketball gamers thirsty for any sort of classic team improvements. Classic teams are real NBA teams that have existed and are very much a part of an authentic NBA experience. Even if rights acquisitions are difficult, there's many recent classic teams (comprised largely of current players or classic players already in the game) that'd make wonderful additions (2007 Warriors, 2000 Raptors, 2008 Celtics, 2006 Suns, 2000 Lakers, etc.).

12. Provide ability to edit player's shorts length: Primarily for the sake of classic team customization

13. More freeing ability to assign correct accessory and shoe colorways
# 15 eaterofworlds888 @ 01/07/14 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by 32
ALL saves to the HDD. Please do away with VC in MyGM. Crazy that I have to use VC to change the rotation of my team.
This, first and foremost.
# 16 champ1997 @ 01/07/14 10:45 AM
Rookie Camp and ability to change Jerseys in myplayer
# 17 eaterofworlds888 @ 01/07/14 10:48 AM
CPU vs CPU is GM mode is a MUST as well.
# 18 F0rl3fclov3r @ 01/07/14 11:12 AM
Allow multiplayer in MyGM and season mode!
# 19 Csquared @ 01/07/14 11:41 AM
Lol ability to change jerseys in myplayer has been on the wish list since the beginning of myplayer. I hope they actually address it.
# 20 zizoux @ 01/07/14 11:56 AM
All want to see in this game is Dynamic Season It would make playing The Nba Today more meaningful.

So you can play along with the current/real NBA action in the Dynamic Season mode, and as you play, the stats and game results you accumulate in the video game actually change the stats and standings in your "Live" universe, enabling you to not only play along with the season as it happens, but change the outcome.

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