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Ever wanted to learn how to best man-to-man defenses, especially the cheesy approaches to it? Well the pick-and-roll and/or pick-and-pop is the answer to any man-to-man defense if you do it right. This quick tutorial shows you one way how to do the pick-and-roll to best man to man defenses with a pick and pop type of approach on the floor. You can obviously do the pick-and-roll the more traditional way as well, with the screener dashing down the lane as well.

Here's some thoughts from Da_Czar from a few months ago on the Pick-and-roll:

Check out the video on YouTube if you can't see it above. Be sure to check out more great NBA 2K14 videos on CashNasty's channel.

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# 1 bestout51683 @ 01/08/14 11:02 AM
Smh didn't even explain it right.
# 2 Vni @ 01/08/14 11:07 AM

# 3 Monsterfred79 @ 01/08/14 11:09 AM
Hope your not trying to get props for this. I'll watch when the tutorial for zone comes out.

# 4 Monsterfred79 @ 01/08/14 11:13 AM
Make it worse, it's not even next Gen! You can't be serious.

# 5 westfl87 @ 01/08/14 11:16 AM
He didn't run the PnR right once. You try this against people that know what there doing, by the 4th qrt you prolly won't be able to score over 10 points. I see it all the time.
# 6 westfl87 @ 01/08/14 11:17 AM
This is a tutorial on controls. The title is misleading
# 7 El_Poopador @ 01/08/14 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by Monsterfred79
Make it worse, it's not even next Gen! You can't be serious.

well the video was uploaded on 10/1/13.
# 8 turty11 @ 01/08/14 12:37 PM
the fact that this is a thread baffles me...DONT PROMOTE THE CHEESE
# 9 RUFFNREADY @ 01/08/14 01:32 PM
Not to be rude; but Unknowncontact704 has a much better pick and roll video:
# 10 Tommy9017 @ 01/08/14 02:21 PM
terrible video and its not next gen lol
# 11 KingKongBundyIsFat @ 01/08/14 05:45 PM
Lol this is NBA 2K...the real way to beat the man to man online is to dribble around in circles with a player that has posterizer (say, Andre Iguodala), then, as soon as you inevitably shake your defender for a split second, jam turbo right towards the rim and hold the shoot button for an easy dunk. No pick and roll needed.
# 12 turrisi2 @ 01/10/14 11:29 AM
Why do people keep putting down the video because it's not next gen when we're in the current gen forum?
# 13 GudStuffzz @ 01/10/14 04:45 PM
Love the PnR this game. A bit slow at times but it works more often then not. Very handy using it online as most users play off ball defense as a PF or C & majority of them dont know how to defend a PnR to save their life. easy buckets mang.
# 14 Whaaaazuuuuup @ 01/10/14 04:53 PM
take into account these three factors:

1. pick and roll tendicies and ratings. using a ball handler and a screener who good rating helps greatly. also selecting the right type of pick for the situation and players. Ex. dont use Griffin for a fade 15 ft out when hes clearly better goin to the hole on a roll (if space permits)

2. Spacing. using the 4 out 1 in Spacing mofidier does a great job

3. ANGLES. go easy on the L stick when moving the ball handler off the screen. Intially i kept moving too far out and this was causing the defender to get around the screen. also...WAIT FOR THE SCREEN TO SET!! many players dont allow the screener to set into position before using it. a screen is much more affective when its set.

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