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I'm not an old man by any means, but I've definitely hit the downhill side of my prime. I'm now witnessing childhood sports heroes enter their respective Hall-of-Fame and I've also had a chance to see the life-cycle of today's modern head coach in college and at professional levels.

I've followed Tim Floyd's rise through the college ranks to the NBA and then back down again. I've seen Bill Belichick go from a loser in Cleveland to a dynasty in New England. And I've seen Mike Shanahan do the opposite, achieve championship status in Denver and then tank in the nation's capital.

Speaking of which, the Redskins have hired Shanahan's replacement in Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. But as I've seen the cycle play out I can't help but ask, 'Does it even matter?' At this level, all coaches are (for the most part) good at what they do, but the one thing they can't control -- the abundance of superstars on their team -- is the single aspect that may be the most important.

Was it Tim Floyd or Marcus Fizer? Is it Bill Belichick or Tom Brady? Was it Mike Shanahan or John Elway, and most recently an injured RGIII? So now as the coaching carousel turns and lands on Washington D.C., it's Jay Gruden -- or is it?

How much of an impact on a team's success do head coaches really have in professional sports?

Sports Headlines for January 9, 2014

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# 1 braves_94 @ 01/09/14 07:39 PM
Was it Marty Schottenheimer or John Elway? Was it Bill Parcells or Phil Simms or John Hostetler? Was it Nick Saban or AJ McCarron? Bill Parcells turned a 5-11 for 3 year's running ran Dave Campo Cowboy team to a 10-6 playoff team. Colts didn't win a Super Bowl until they dumped Mora for Dungy. The Buccs didn't win until Dungy was replaced to Grudenů wait. The point is they can matter. And sometimes it's the players. Only a handful of players, Manning and James, can win championships on their lonesomes right now. But in Manning's case, who will call the defense?
# 2 elgreazy1 @ 01/09/14 07:59 PM
It has a major impact. Coaches set forth the tone, work ethic, message, and are looked to as leaders by everyone in the organization from the roster, the coaches, the front office staff, etc. The better coaches employ a distinct, singular-voiced mission and base their entire philosophies around them. Everyone in the organization looks to them during the best and worst of times and how they handle success/failure dictates how the rest of the organization falls in line.

Essentially, a coach is a CEO. He is in charge of everything from top to bottom and accountable for every decision made for better or worse.
# 3 goat1919 @ 01/10/14 10:03 AM
Calling Belichick a loser in Cleveland is a horrible example and shows a lack of understanding of the situation. He set the foundation for the Ravens first Super Bowl Ozzie Newsome said it himself. What about the year without Tom Brady, the Saints last year and this year, Michael Shaq & Kobe before Phil, watch the Spurs play basketball when they rest 3 guys, Mike Brown can lose with anybody and I could go on and on. Sure you need players and decent owner but if you don't think these guys make a difference your crazy.
# 4 Clemsonpanther @ 01/31/14 02:47 PM
QBs are important but coaches find their QB

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