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Traditionally, MLB The Show has released in early-ish March to great fanfare here on OS. We are now in Mid-January and we have yet to hear anything about the new game as far as a release date or any info outside of the initial release -- which was a good bit of info.

However, last week, a nugget of info out of Gamestop's website seems to indicate that MLB The Show will feature a currency system which works within every mode of the game. Given the uproar about NBA 2K14's system, there is a definite reluctance of the sports gaming audience to embrace such a feature.

While we have no concrete info as to what 'Universal Currency' means, we figured we ask OS'ers what you think of currency systems in sports games and where you think they are best used.

What do you think the best use of currency is in sports game, if any? Sound off in the poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Crimsontide27 @ 01/13/14 01:18 PM
Its here to stay. Right now companies are trying to test the waters and see what sells and what doesn't sell so they can refine their online strategy for the next stage of digital distribution.

There will be growing pains, but the market is shifting to where all titles will do this, and not just a particular genre of games.
# 2 mestevo @ 01/13/14 01:20 PM
I prefer them to be very contextual like my specific career within the game, rather than the rather ham-fisted way 2k has done it with VC... why does my experience as a PG provide dividends as a GM in another mode? The answer is simple... so they can sell you that currency.

Madden I think does it closer to how I want, XP for my character, but they could refine and improve this experience with more handholding. Recommend and suggest upgrades for player and coach types, highlight when you are close to or have enough for a targeted or recommended upgrade, etc.

I am sure this poll will just be an avalanche of 'no, it just sucks and shouldn't be around' but they aren't going anywhere, might as well make the best of it.
# 3 StayPlation82 @ 01/13/14 01:25 PM
I prefer XP over game currency. I feel like currency is only there for making real currency. The ultimate team philosophy is the only one I've played that makes sense.
# 4 willz1985 @ 01/13/14 02:07 PM
I don't mind them being there. if people want to pay money to boost their ratings and/or get better quicker then it's their choice to do that....

What I do mind is when (like in this years 2k14 career modes) it's almost impossible to progress regularly without buying currency.

Games need to find the balance between allowing people to enjoy the games at their own pace and pretty much forcing people to spend money to succeed.

Sadly it seems like more and more companies care less about the consumer and more about lining their pockets these days so i wouldn't be surprised if currencies appear in more and more sports games down the line
# 5 NaturalSelected @ 01/13/14 02:10 PM
Don't think this poll question will get a varied or interesting response.

It's like asking "when would you be willing to pay taxes?" - that last option will be the most popular.
# 6 RipCityAndy @ 01/13/14 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by NaturalSelected
Don't think this poll question will get a varied or interesting response.

It's like asking "when would you be willing to pay taxes?" - that last option will be the most popular.
HAHA... excellent response. I'm glad this poll is rejecting currency in gaming. However, UT has proven to be incredibly profitable so it is probably there to stay in those kinds of modes.
# 7 Trackball @ 01/13/14 02:42 PM
Why vote here?

Vote with your wallet.
# 8 asu666 @ 01/13/14 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Trackball
Why vote here?

Vote with your wallet.
I plan to vote with my wallet on the next go around. NBA 2K took me and a lot of other people by surprise. I hope MLB doesn't make the same mistakes.
# 9 statum71 @ 01/13/14 03:11 PM
I just hope I can continue to do simple things like play a season and change my rosters. If those things start costing (even if it is "virtual"), its gonna drive me away from sports gaming.
# 10 burjeffton @ 01/13/14 03:27 PM
As a huge fan of The Show, I'm happy everyone is voicing their opinion now. Gives the team time to make the right choices to tailor currency correctly.
# 11 Bullit @ 01/13/14 04:08 PM
I don't mind there being an option if people want to use it as long as I am not forced to use it to succeed or even to actually play game modes.

But for a personal vote I would rather not have it in the game at all. (Just my .0000002)
# 12 Majingir @ 01/13/14 04:31 PM
I've said it before, the currency system would be fine, but only if it's in career modes, and all prices were reasonable.

Spending your entire salary on a pair of socks on NBA2K was ridiculous. They need to adjust the prices better.

Not just that, but also make it solely based on player contracts.

RTTS for example,let the player buy new gear and stuff for the usual price of it costing like a few hundred dollars and stuff,and their currency amount is the salary they're getting. So users will have to decide on if they want more money, or be on a winning team.

So even though you could improve your player alot more with a 20M contract, a 15M contract could have you on a better team.

Decisions like that would be interesting to see as the current salary system has no impact on players, you might as well just take the cheapest contract possible so that the team has more money to sign on everyone else. But with the currency stuff coming into play properly, people will actually have to make tough decisions of if they'll be greedy or not.
# 13 garyjr33 @ 01/13/14 04:34 PM
I believe they are just going to give you the pre-order bonus and let you use it for whatever you want to use it for; I doubt it will be like NBA 2k14's system.
# 14 Bobhead @ 01/13/14 08:09 PM
E) ...When they are not mandatory, for the user to achieve a high level of enjoyment or competition in a game.
# 15 kadzier @ 01/14/14 06:03 AM
The principle is fine in general, I'm okay with allowing users who are willing to pay a way to speed up their progress

When it becomes not okay is when it gets like it has in 2K14, where payouts are meager and basic accessories in MyCareer cost so much that you feel as if you're almost expected to buy a few VC packs, or else grind away incessantly to the point it's a chore. I mean, your entire "years salary" is 500-600 VC, yet there are headbands that cost twice that amount, and you have to buy a totally separate one if you want a new color. I can't see that as anything BUT encouraging consumers to pony up for a few packs.
# 16 RipCityAndy @ 01/14/14 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by Bobhead
E) ...When they are not mandatory, for the user to achieve a high level of enjoyment or competition in a game.
This is the essence of it.
# 17 jethrotull @ 01/14/14 09:10 PM
I have no issue with it for Ultimate Team or using with Road to the Show, or My Player on NBA 2k14 what I have a problem with is that in NBA 2k14 you have to spend extra money to even play the game in most cases. I am okay with what the The Show has done in the past and I have trust they will keep it the same way, if they are smart they will.
# 18 jcmreds @ 01/15/14 09:01 AM
Dropping $500+ for a new system, the game, and an extra controller is bad enough I don't plan on getting fleeced with in game spending. The Show is my anticipated game, but I hope Sony knows better than to do the same junk NBA 2K14 did.
# 19 HustlinOwl @ 01/15/14 09:06 AM
this and the twitter first come first serve cattle call use for Diamond Dynasty Points to boost packs/players is what drives me away from that game mode each and every year with the show. Let my play on the field and accomplishments do the talking for points acquired.

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