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People are going to tune in to the Super Bowl regardless of who plays. It could be for the commercials, the actual football game, or just the thought of sharing in a moment that millions across the globe are taking part in. But for those that love the big game as our favorite sport's ultimate night -- the on-field matchup is most important.

It's hard to argue that we aren't left with the four best teams from this year's NFL season. Many expected Seattle to get to this point, and their division rival 49ers are back for the third straight time. Likewise, Denver was expected to be here and for once it's Tom Brady and his Patriots that may be the biggest surprise. The NFC West showdown and the revival of the Peyton Manning & Tom Brady rivalry is hard to beat in terms of storylines -- but the Super Bowl is the only way to properly end the drama.

What teams do you most want to see advance to the Super Bowl?

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# 1 jim316 @ 01/13/14 03:03 PM
# 2 JFB123 @ 01/13/14 03:26 PM
I'd like to see my team The Patriots have 1 more Super Bowl for Tom Brady...especially one where nobody can call them cheaters.

Besides that, I think the Broncos/Seahawks would have a lot of value just because #1 offense vs #1 defense would be interesting although that could be a blow out with Seattle away from home.

It's been a long time since I've felt the 4 best teams have made it. I'm just glad to see that!
# 3 LowerWolf @ 01/13/14 03:32 PM
Obviously, I want the Niners to win it. That trumps everything. If the Niners can't win it, then as a Vols fan, I want to see Peyton win it. So, in order:

1. Niners-Patriots
2. Niners-Broncos
3. Broncos-Seahawks
4. Patriots-Seahawks
# 4 areobee401 @ 01/13/14 03:40 PM
Seattle vs. New England. Need revenge from last year's avatar bet, lol.

I think football fans win regardless of who plays in the Super Bowl. Every possible outcome should produce a good game.
# 5 elgreazy1 @ 01/13/14 03:56 PM
As long as the game stays competitive, I don't really care. The worst thing would be to get a blowout, but these last few SB's have really been something spectacular.
# 6 Chip Douglass @ 01/13/14 04:07 PM
The storyline would be the same regardless of the matchup: older, GOAT QB (Brady/Manning) passes the torch to younger QB (Kaepernick/Wilson).

My preference is for Broncos/Seahawks though. IMO, both have been #1/#2 in the NFL for the past two seasons. Possible GOAT offense vs. possible GOAT defense too.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 01/13/14 04:27 PM
I'd like to see Seahawks vs. Patriots.
# 8 gr18 @ 01/13/14 06:09 PM
Broncos-Seahawks by far.Don't like the Niners and can't stand the Patriots.
# 9 TheMatrix31 @ 01/13/14 06:51 PM
Denver and San Francisco, please.
# 10 Basketball GURU @ 01/13/14 07:07 PM
If Tom Brady gets back to the Super bowl I want to see him leave with a ring, but I believe if the Seahawks get there they'll probably end up winning it.
# 11 CujoMatty @ 01/13/14 09:38 PM
Any of the 4 for me. Honestly the real excitement is the divisional games. 49ers vs seahawks is absolutely how it should be. I like the brady vs manning showdown again but lookout tom peytons team is a lot better than the ones you faced in indy. The only other game which would have been better IMO is denver vs indianapolis. But then again im a colts guy.
# 12 Majingir @ 01/13/14 11:36 PM
In Order:

But the thing this year though...I honestly don't care which of those matchups happen, either one will be great to watch.
# 13 Bmore Irish @ 01/14/14 02:09 PM
I'm definitely stoked for the conference championships, and regardless of what happens it should result in an exciting matchup in the SB.

Denver-Seattle is the game I'd probably most like to see, and is also the one I think I will see.

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# 14 jcmreds @ 01/15/14 09:53 AM
If Brady takes this Pats team and wins it all we may have to crown him best QB of all time.
# 15 MGomaha @ 01/15/14 06:33 PM
Broncos and Seahawks. Been wanting to see that since Seattle smacked San Fran early in the year.
# 16 Syncmastr @ 01/17/14 04:04 AM
Broncos (FTW) vs Seahawks... I need 49er AND the Seahawks soon-to-be free agents to demand more money for their SB losses.
# 17 jmillhimes @ 01/17/14 03:35 PM
# 18 Marino @ 01/17/14 03:35 PM
Dolphins vs Panthers
# 19 alifeincomplete @ 01/17/14 07:51 PM
As an ardent fan of Tom Brady, I am torn.

I only want to see the Patriots win if they can win the Super Bowl. I would be heartbroken if his Super Bowl record became 3-3. That would be awful. I think New England could beat San Francisco, but I doubt they could beat Seattle.

If it must be any team other than the Patriots, let it be the Seahawks. But I'll be darned if their hardcore fans aren't getting irritating, haha.
# 20 carnalnirvana @ 01/18/14 12:54 PM
i wanna see broncos - 49ers, i think it would be easier for manning to possibly get another ring.. KAP been following him since college may be my fav QB when manning retires, since vick may be done as a starter.... either way i could enjoy the result

if the pats win i wanna see pats -seattle i wanna see brady get mauled and fall to 3-3....i think seattle stands a better chance at beating the pats...

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