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Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has informed season ticket holders that the organization is being patient with their search for the correct replacement at head coach for the team. Patience is something fans of Cleveland sports know as well as any group in American professional sports. At what point, however, does patience spin into a taste of insanity?

Patience assumes that the positive outcome is on the horizon because the proper steps for success have been taken. Asking for patience in the midst of the same failed approach is more like a guise to cover up the insanity atop the organization. Cleveland hasn't been in the playoffs since 2002, and before that 1994. They have three winning seasons in the past twenty years (if you count the pre-Baltimore Ravens years as belonging to the Browns). But history can be overcome if you're willing to find new methods -- if.

If there is any saving grace it's in the ten draft picks (including two first-rounders) that the Browns have for this year's draft. If the past tells us anything, Cleveland needs a fresh set of eyes in the draft room or coaches with the ability to pull out the talent expected of first-round picks. If the Browns could get a hold of a sure-fire star at quarterback it might be enough to put them over the top. But then again, there are no guarantees they would keep one if they did.

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Member Comments
# 1 poloelite @ 01/15/14 04:07 PM
I'm from Cleveland, I'm a Browns fan and I have no idea why smdh
# 2 poloelite @ 01/15/14 06:08 PM
They've had a couple of Franchise QBs (Couch, Holcombe, Garcia, Anderson), but each regime/coach change brings in their own guys.
# 3 sarlndr @ 01/15/14 09:49 PM
I'm from NE Ohio and have been a Browns (sufferer) since I was a kid. I'm 44 now, and I don't see any end to the misery. The past decade can be summed up as "wash, rinse, repeat" and I don't know how much more I can take.

Even the Browns players have said that the organization is a train wreck. I don't really know what's going on with our front office. I've been overseas since '08 and haven't lived in Ohio since forever. I do follow the team though, just not enough to know what's really going on.

I don't think any coach wants to come to Cleveland to be honest with you. At least not one with head coaching experience. I know you don't need that but it wouldn't hurt. But what else can Browns fans expect? We should know a big named coach isn't coming to the shores of Lake Erie anytime soon.

We'll probably draft another QB in this draft, I've seen us picking Bortles, Carr, or Bridgewater but who know's. There are some good QB's in this years draft though. I just hope he is given ample time to show what he can do.

In the end I just want a team I can be proud of again. Maybe the new uniforms coming this year or next will will cheer me up. Doubt it, they'll probably screw that up to.
# 4 khaliib @ 01/16/14 12:25 AM
Please do not pick Derek Carr. Don't want him to repeat his brothers experience with a team that's not ready for any type of good QB. He'll just get beat up very quickly. Still don't understand how/why a franchise would basically give away a 1st round RB just drafted? That's a sign something is very wrong at the administrative level. Even worse, you fire a coach after only one year after you've dismantled the team. I hope tickets for fans run no more than $15 because anything else show's ownership is just making as much money as they can. Come to think about it, JM might be a perfect fit, because whoever the QB is will be running for his life.
# 5 Ribkage @ 01/18/14 05:02 PM
The browns have a good defense and a good Oline if they keep josh gordon and jordan cameron then whatever qb they draft has a chance.. trent richardson is garbage im still trying to figure out how they got a first round pick for him..I think the browns will end up with bridgewater and he will do good there but they also need a RB they have the picks to grab some solid starters. I dont know why the browns want to hire adam gase from the broncos though anybody that knows football knows manning is the OC on the broncos.

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