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One of the new things we're doing at OS in 2014 is giving the mobile sports gaming space the coverage it deserves. Many of us are looking for good distractions via sport on our mobile devices and each week, we are hunting for some of the best options out there.

This week, we take a look at two of MLB Advanced Media's gaming projects in MLB HR Derby and Ballpark Empire. Also this week we look at 4th and Goal Football and Highway Crash Derby.

Check each review out at the links below!

Highway Crash Derby (7/10)
"This is a fun game which can suck some time out of your day. Definitely recommended as a small time diversion."

4th and Goal Football (4/10)
"Overall, this is a game which can be passed on right now with the gameplay problems. With a few updates, this could be a killer app."

MLB HR Derby (6.5/10)
"A solid game which is free to play, hard to not recommend to pass the time during the Winter blues."

MLB Ballpark Empire (6/10)
"There's a lot to like with Ballpark Empire, if you can get past the long loading times and MLBucks system which makes free to play a joke."

Have you played any of these four games? Let us know your thoughts on each in the comments!

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# 1 GlennN @ 01/18/14 07:54 PM
I love that you folks review the mobile games also. This site is such a great resource! I had never played any of these games (or even heard of them for that matter).

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