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Traditionally, mid to late January into February is filled with info on the upcoming version of The Show -- which traditionally releases in early March. If MLB '14 The Show is to release in its traditional slot, it is going to do so with about a five week marketing push from Sony.

Of course, with no actual release date announced, we really don't know when The Show is coming at this point.

Outside of the initial release of info, which included info like carry-over saves, generated counts, and new features in Road to the Show.

Since that initial release of info and with only some incredibly detailed shots of Fenway's Green Monster to tide us over, we can't help but feel a little restless.

What about you? Are you worried about the lack of info or do you think Sony is just purposefully playing coy for now? When do you think we'll see the game release? Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 godylla @ 01/21/14 11:07 AM
Somewhat, because with the train wreck that has been NBA 2k14, I thought maybe a little information being released would be advantageous to SCEA. But regardless, I still have faith in SCEA.
# 2 bxphenom7 @ 01/21/14 11:08 AM
I voted "Yes, worried about what might be hidden," but I'm not sure if that's because of paranoia from being impatient, or because of the news that MLB The Show would have a virtual currency system. This franchise has been the one I've trusted the most when it comes to sports games so I expect all is good and if they do have a virtual currency system, it'll be tighter and well-placed in contrast to NBA 2k14. Still, I'm dying for some news!
# 3 burjeffton @ 01/21/14 11:27 AM
Won't be affecting my buying decision. But lack of news unfortunately does affect preorder numbers with the masses... I want the game to be as successful as possible with average gamers
# 4 MakePlaysOrDie @ 01/21/14 11:34 AM
Doesn't worry me too much. I have faith in SCEA as opposed to the incompetent people at 2k. MLB The Show has been my favorite game franchise, not just sports game franchise, of all time. When I was deciding between the 360 and PS3 when they came out, The Show was one of the main reasons I went with the PS3. Last year's game for the PS3 was great in my opinion, and I do have high expectations for this year's game on the next gen. Of course, it would make everyone feel a lot better if we were given some amount of information in the near future.
# 5 pirates1fan @ 01/21/14 11:45 AM
It doesn't worry me a bit. However, I am just really excited to hear something else about it, so that makes me a little frustrated that we have still heard nothing in about 2 and 1/2 months. Not worried, but just impatient. However, I am trying to be patient. It is getting tough though.
# 6 soonermagic88 @ 01/21/14 11:46 AM
I am a bit worried given the NBA 2k situation. I realise that they are two totally different companies, but at the same time, they both have the same goal. Make Money. With the revealing of a "universal currency" I am starting to worry that MLB the show may be following suit with NBA 2k. I hope i am wrong, but I am really starting to feel like console gaming may be heading towards the money grubbing business of the FB p2p games.
# 7 Mike Lowe @ 01/21/14 12:45 PM
Thanks, Obama!
# 8 Dazraz @ 01/21/14 12:55 PM
The obvious concern is that Sony have decided to go down the same Microtransaction route as 2K did. With the negative response 2K have received, coupled with the fact NBA 2K14 is so heavily flawed, it could be Sony are either revising their initial plans or they're just deciding to keep quiet on the subject.
# 9 Dogslax41 @ 01/21/14 12:56 PM
I will never be worried about MLB the Show no matter how minimal the information pre release. They are the only team that I can 100% say actually has shown a real passion for their game and a connection to their fan base in terms of valuing the same things their consumer value. I think they have a ton to do to get it ready for next gen and in its current form probably would not be worthwhile for us to see it anyway.
# 10 BSUFAN @ 01/21/14 01:07 PM
I am impatient as the any show groupie but having said that I know that when they do release more information it will be awesome as always. " The Show " is not even close by any standards to 2K14 by a long stretch no matter what has been said about VC or UC. Trust me it will be an amazing experience we all can enjoy.
# 11 b22gamer @ 01/21/14 01:28 PM
Concern? No. Frustrated? Yes. I've been waiting and waiting for new info to surface. I've made OS my homepage hoping that every time I fire up my internet explorer there's a new post about MLB The Show 14. SCEA has done a tremendous job of not only using this community for info and feedback, but also communicating to their fans, loyal or casual. Hopefully the issues that 2K has run into don't filter into next-gen MLB games. It would be a disappointment to say the least.
# 12 LowerWolf @ 01/21/14 01:29 PM
Nope. No worries at all.
# 13 seasprite @ 01/21/14 01:39 PM

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# 14 tril @ 01/21/14 01:46 PM
not at all.
I expect the marketing campaign will start by next Sunday. I believe the real push will start the week of Superbowl Sunday.
what better way to launch a marketing campaign for MLB than during Superbowl week, especially with the PS4.
The visuals will probably out-do what 2k did with 2k14 on next gen consoles.
# 15 rjackson @ 01/21/14 01:50 PM
Karate student: I'm ready to start mopping the floor with bozo's!

Master: You must learn patience.

Student: Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long is that going to take?
# 16 AntiBandwagoner @ 01/21/14 02:31 PM
Bought a PS4 over an XB1 for the sole purpose of finally being able to experience MLB the Show. Being a first time buyer I don't really know what to expect from SCEA, but the general consensus seems to be that they are a quality company who cares about their fan base and is one not to disappoint.

In other words, I'll put my blind faith into SCEA.
# 17 Bullit @ 01/21/14 02:36 PM
Not worried at all. The Show has consistently been the best sports game released ( my opinion of course). I have no doubt that they will continue the tradition. The lack of information to me is not surprising in the least.
# 18 @legendm0de @ 01/21/14 02:37 PM
Naturally , i'm a bit concerned. it leaves me concerned that we'll encounter alot of bugginess, in this first edition of the game on PS4. But primarily my problem w/this wait is that its just sheer annoying.
# 19 Braxton4Heisman @ 01/21/14 03:45 PM
French Montana: Ain't Worried Bout Nothin
# 20 KMRblue1027 @ 01/21/14 04:18 PM
A little bit at this point. Didn't we have the fact sheet by now last year?

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