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If you are digital golf fan than you understand the buzz that is starting to make its way through the community about the upcoming title from HB Studios, The Golf Club.

I get the chance to spend some time next week with the games Executive Producer, Peter Garcin, and want to give you the chance to submit your questions for the interview.

Please ask your questions below, I'll do my best to ask as many as possible next week.

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# 1 DivotMaker @ 01/22/14 01:36 PM
Here's one for starters....any chance they will be updating the game to include PS4 Move and XBox One Kinect swing interfaces? This would eliminate said users from competing with PC users since there is a lack of any sort of interface like those for the PC.

Another one.....have they settled on an interface for PC users that would allow for cross-platform competition? If PC users have the Mouse/Keyboard for swinging, this might put console users utilizing the analog swings at a disadvantage.

I am sure I will think of more questions later....
# 2 pokerlife @ 01/22/14 01:36 PM
I would like you to ask them what keeps the player from shooting below par every round once the player has learned the game
How does the game stay challenging for experienced players pretty much is what I'm asking

Thanks !
# 3 bluengold34_OS @ 01/22/14 01:43 PM
Appreciate the first few and feel free to ask multiple questions if you have them! I will try my best to get to them all -
# 4 OnlookerDelay @ 01/22/14 02:06 PM
Will the swing mechanic factor rhythm into the shot result?
# 5 Duke11 @ 01/22/14 03:07 PM
First of all, thank you for asking for our input.

Could you please ask:

How many courses will be available when the game ships?

Is there a player creator?

Are there any real life golfers or equipment in the game?

Are there any real courses in the game?

What is the release date?

Thanks again.
# 6 pietasterp @ 01/22/14 03:16 PM
Is the focus of the game on realism (simulation), or is it more akin to a "Tiger Woods" type of game? If the former, how will this game differentiate itself from Tiger (in terms of gameplay)?
# 7 Skyboxer @ 01/22/14 05:01 PM
1: For PC will there be a mouse control option (Mouse back then forward)?
2: Will there be rain
3: Will the courses you create be able to be shared online
4: Will there be accurate rules for things like OOB and hitting a "3rd off the tee" rather than just a drop where it went out of bounds.. etc..
# 8 Danimal @ 01/22/14 07:05 PM
1. How will golfers be made, what attributes, will points be earned via play or purchase etc?

2. Assuming #1 is correct can tournament and tour be set some golfers attributes can't exceed a certain cap of total points. To prevent players from boosting their guys to all high levels like other games.

3. When playing in tournament or tour modes will you be able to play with other players.

4. In multi round events will you not show final results of other players to make it feel more authentic

5. What kind of stats tracking will the game keep

6. Will there be manual ball drops
# 9 RumbleCard @ 01/22/14 08:05 PM
Are the tour modes, career modes and tournament modes playable strictly with friends or can they be customized and played by a single user offline?

If yes will they randomly generate cpu competitors and how big will the field be? Rounds? Cut lines?

Is this a single season or single tour game or will we have consecutive year after year seasons like most sports Association/Franchise modes.

If yes will our CPU competitors continue to compete along side us as the years go by.
# 10 bluengold34_OS @ 01/22/14 08:12 PM
Just to let everyone know the time frame - I will be doing the interview with Peter on Monday, and hopefully have it ready to go by Wednesday or Thursday -
# 11 SinisterAlex @ 01/22/14 08:44 PM
I just skimmed the official thread and only watched a couple of minutes of game footage so forgive me if this is answered within the video or thread.

Will there be licensed equipment, clothing, etc in the game?
# 12 bluengold34_OS @ 01/22/14 09:04 PM
Originally Posted by SinisterAlex
I just skimmed the official thread and only watched a couple of minutes of game footage so forgive me if this is answered within the video or thread.

Will there be licensed equipment, clothing, etc in the game?
Great question and in all my research I have not come across this. I will add it to the list though -
# 13 Skyboxer @ 01/23/14 08:02 AM
Ok so with the excitement easing a bit I've calmed down to dig a little deeper into thought:

1: Will the PC game and Console game be identical or will each have different aspects.
2: Will we be able (and Man I hope so) to add our own textures and graphics to the PC version. I would love to be able to mimic as much as possible the real courses I play.
3: What variables will be in the game to keep the game fresh. (Basically when we figure out controls will the game become to easy or will environment and player attributes fluctuate any to make each round it's own adventure)
4: Will there be some little things like sand on the green after a bunker shot, divots that stay that gradually increase as the days go in a tourney

More later as I get them.
# 14 MERACE @ 01/23/14 08:56 AM
Will the game include the following:

-Focus on authentic golf with the absence of arcade features (such as adding spin or power after the shot) and aids (shot and putting previews)?

-"Cross-platform" course creation sharing?

-"Cross-platform" game play?

-Multiple difficulty levels in the game (i.e. Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)?

-Proper drops from water hazards or out of bounds?

-Country Clubs within the game with team play tournaments?

-Optional DLC without giving the player an advantage in game play?

-Variable weather during round (cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed & gusts, etc.)?

-Accurate wind direction from hole to hole during round?

-Adjustable round start times with progressive morning to evening lighting during round?

-Adjustable fairway/green speeds and hardness?

-User adjustable cameras that can be automatic or switchable at any time to preset camera positions during the round? Suggested camera angles: behind golfer held at that view for a few seconds after shot and then user switchable to various camera positions on the course (i.e. side of fairway, snap to landing area, green, etc.).

# 15 DiscountCleric @ 01/23/14 09:45 AM
In Tiger games it felt like if you maxed out power everything else was irrelevant; between driving the green on several par 4s and reaching the green in 2 on pretty much any par 5, you were bound to make a couple eagles and leave a few easy birdie putts to end up shooting -10 or better pretty consistently.

How do they plan on balancing power vs. the remaining attributes so this can't happen?
# 16 cammel @ 01/23/14 11:06 AM
Will you be able to play as a left-handed golfer?
# 17 jeffmanqb3 @ 01/23/14 11:25 AM
Does the time of day change throughout the round?
Does the pin placement change for different rounds of a tournament?
Is it possible to copy a course so multiple versions can be made?
# 18 ps3veron @ 01/23/14 11:30 AM
What online modes can we expect?
# 19 southernSNIDELY @ 01/23/14 11:54 AM
1. On the course generator, are you able to create fringe around the greens and first, second cut in the fairway? From the videos it looks like direct from fairway to rough with no transition.
2. Can or will you be able to disable the arcadey ball trail that shows the ball in the air?
3. I think it was posted earlier, but what are the camera options and are replays available?
4. Will there be tournament atmosphere? It would be cool to see other AI or real golfers out on the course (at other holes) and hearing the tension build via gallery reactions.
Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to submit questions. Looking forward to playing this new golf title.
# 20 southernSNIDELY @ 01/23/14 11:56 AM
oh sorry, one more question.
Will there be real world ball physics? Will you be able to see backspin on wedge type shots where the ball backs up on the green?

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