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In the last two weeks, we've been greeted by news of two new sports titles hitting the market within the next few months -- this is always good news if you are in the business of covering and enjoying sports games.

Yesterday's announcement of The Golf Club, a socially driven golf experience with an easy to use course creator and user driven tournaments and events sounds like the type of next-gen experience we expected to see out of the new console platforms.

What do you think of HB Studios' golf title? Are you going to pick it up? Sound off in the poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 beast780 @ 01/23/14 11:21 AM
I've always wanted a simulation golf game with a course editor!
# 2 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/23/14 11:30 AM
I don't care about real golfers or courses. It's all about what "I" do on the fairway. Looks very nice and I'm pumped for the infinite course creating feature.
# 3 godylla @ 01/23/14 11:40 AM
I need to see a bit more and a price point before I make a decision one way or the other. Liked what I saw in the course creation video, gameplay looks a bit choppy as of now though.
# 4 doubledeuceR6 @ 01/23/14 11:55 AM
Damn, another game I have to buy, looking forward to it though!
# 5 pietasterp @ 01/23/14 12:29 PM
I'm a little concerned about the phrase "socially driven golf experience"....that sounds like the opposite of hardcore sim to me. But I'm happy someone is taking a swing at the fossilized Tiger Woods series...
# 6 buckeyedawgtribe @ 01/23/14 12:56 PM
Looks incredibly lifelike. The only problem I have with golf games as they ten to collect dust in my collection in lieu of other games. The only golf game I played on a regular basis was the hot shots series but this does look incredible.
# 7 Knee_Grow_Pleas @ 01/23/14 01:16 PM
This game looks pretty good... Depending on what's out when it's released, I may get it... Even tho I'm not a golf fan, it could still be worth a purchase...
# 8 kamackeris76 @ 01/23/14 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by pietasterp
I'm a little concerned about the phrase "socially driven golf experience"....that sounds like the opposite of hardcore sim to me. But I'm happy someone is taking a swing at the fossilized Tiger Woods series...
i'm the opposite...golf is a social game ....i have always wanted a game where there is not just you on the course and you can see what is going on on other holes. as long as the sim aspect is there and its not like tiger where you need to shoot -15 a round to win i'm sold!!
# 9 godylla @ 01/23/14 03:21 PM
With the new information about no variation in players, I think I will be passing on this game.
# 10 speedtrucker @ 01/23/14 03:36 PM
really interested in the concept.

love the idea of creating a course yourself and not having to painfully spread it amongst your friends. especially on a console.

2 things that make me nervous are the lack of player abilities and equipment differences.

I don't care about "pros", but I mean if I'm currently smashing my drives and hitting fairways... I'd like my players ability to reflect that, ie at least like +1 to driver ability or fairways in regulation... or if I'm going through a bad spell and missing putts maybe a -1 on putting etc.

equipment differences would be nice at a base level since they want to keep everything close. not a "buy Nike driver for high power and low control" but it is x3 expensive as "buy Cobra driver for med power and med control", but at least a basic choice of clubs X = more power +1, less control -2, clubs Y = less power -2, more control +2, clubs Z = no changes. especially with the abilities to edit courses I know that I'll be making a punishing course where sandtraps and water force you to REALLY decide to lay-up or be near-perfect with your placement/power unlike what happens in EA TW golf where by week 2 everyone is booming over every hazard and hitting every fairway past the designed "decisions"

either way, this looks really interesting as long as microtransactions don't become the norm for course, tour, tournament editing/sharing.
# 11 F0rl3fclov3r @ 01/23/14 04:06 PM
Great idea. This is innovation. Not the same tired shtick that ea and 2k keep pushing out. ...that I keep buying anyways.
# 12 reflekt2099 @ 01/23/14 06:35 PM
wow these graphics are pretty blah looking. and the animation of the swing is ridiculously un-natural. not saying that tiger woods golf is better. but this definitely isn't "good". i love the cheesy clouds that unrealistically move at 100 mph.
# 13 LingeringRegime @ 01/23/14 07:37 PM
Never been this pumped for a golf game!
# 14 Tomba @ 01/23/14 08:13 PM
Looks very promising i can't believe how good the course creator looks Im imagine we can create some decent real life courses
# 15 artemusclyde9 @ 01/23/14 10:33 PM
This looks pretty awesome. If it's quick to get in and out of a match as well, all the better. Hooray for all these new sports titles!
# 16 khrag @ 01/24/14 02:34 AM
So is this going to be a more modern version of Sim Golf?

Loved that game btw.
# 17 OnlookerDelay @ 01/24/14 08:15 AM
I'm definitely buying, but I'm a golf game junkie and the next-gen consoles are starved for a golf game. I'm anxious to see how the swing mechanic, ball physics, and core gameplay work out though. Right now they are all an unknown. I think HBS has a wrinkle in the swing interface that's going to surprise us in a positive way and that *may* tip the 44% who indicate they'll wait and see how the gameplay is into the purchase camp.

I'm a bit perplexed by the wording of the bottom choice in the poll. If you're not going to buy a golf game, regardless of its quality, how is your vote relevant to this poll? It would be better suited for a poll that said:

Do you like video golf games? - Yes No
# 18 moose616 @ 01/24/14 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by khrag
So is this going to be a more modern version of Sim Golf?

Loved that game btw.
My thought exactly. SimGolf is still one of my favorite games to play. I'm not a hardcore golfer, so I like the enjoyment factor of a realistic, but somewhat cartoony game like a Hot Shots.

A game that would blend those two would be fantastic, at least IMO. Take the beautiful, serene environments, along with the fun and easy gameplay of Hot Shots and turn it into a golf course simulator like SimGolf. Would be gold for me.
# 19 JayBee74 @ 01/24/14 04:27 PM
Very impressed by the power and ease of use of the course creator. I'm starved for a sports game, so I'm in.
# 20 Sheba2011 @ 01/25/14 01:09 AM
I am excited for a game that has a deep course creator. Instead of being stuck with a game that ships with 5 courses and has 50 as DLC. The only thing that scares me away from this game is the lack of golfer attributes.

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