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If you thought the high price of a ticket to the Super Bowl was enough to detract you from ever attending, consider this: the NFL is allegedly limiting the mode of transportation to the stadium and charging people for it.

According to Sean Conboy of extramustard.si.com:
You cannot walk to the Super Bowl this year. It is against NFL policy. You cannot have someone drive you to the Super Bowl and drop you off. Again, against policy. You cannot even take one of New York City’s famous and plentiful taxis. Want to grill some burgers in the parking lot? Against the Law of Goodell. Instead, head inside MetLife Stadium for a $15 kale sandwich.

While fans can still head to Secaucus Junction Train Station and take the train to MetLife Stadium for less than $5, the limits on tailgating and NFL's obstacles are upsetting several and are likely to catch a few fans off-guard.

Sound Off: Is the NFL making a smart safety move by limiting private traffic flow to a heavily attended event, or is the league simply milking fans for every penny?

Sports Headlines for January 29, 2014

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# 1 SkillzKillz719 @ 01/29/14 05:29 PM
I would say there is no way to know FOR SURE, but since the motive is there for the NFL and Goodell, I can't help but assume that is the cause. And until they clear it up, I think it is reasonable to draw that conclusion given this information in the article that I'm assuming is accurate.
# 2 razorkaos @ 01/31/14 10:57 AM
wait, wait, wait.... what? when you say you can't walk to the SB, are you tellling me that i can't get there on foot? really? if it is... this is against civil rights, or am i wrong? i'm from other country (Brazil) and i don't know much about the US civil rights, but i suppose your law give you rights to come and go freely on public streets, and this can't be overturned by any kind of contract or something like that (normally, the only exception are security measures, like police lines).

Sheesh, and i thought Goddell was not that monster...

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