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With the Spring sports gaming release season approaching, which of the three major titles are you looking forward to most: EA Sports UFC, The Golf Club, or MLB 14 The Show? Is there another game on your radar you are looking forward to?

Sound off in the poll above you on the forums and to your right on the frontpage.

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# 1 godylla @ 01/30/14 11:38 AM
I went for The Show, but UFC is a VERY close 2nd for me.
# 2 JohnDoe8865 @ 01/30/14 11:40 AM
The Show for sure with UFC/Golf neck and neck after that.
# 3 Majingir @ 01/30/14 11:44 AM
UFCs the only one I'm getting, though MLB will be better.

Only really getting UFC cause the last one I got was like 2-3 years ago and it was made by THQ.....Though I really hope EA Sports made their game so much better.
# 4 esham313 @ 01/30/14 11:48 AM
The Show! Pumped for it on the PS4, only downer is if we can't do stadium sounds.
# 5 BravesBoy @ 01/30/14 11:49 AM
Yea The Show is the easy one but im still pretty intrigued in what will be done with UFC and seeing how The Golf Club shakes out. Very good potential all 3 of these to get a buy
# 6 DropkickCleary @ 01/30/14 11:53 AM
The Show. Best sports game out there hands down. I hope UFC is great, but I know The Show will be.
# 7 IowaAJ @ 01/30/14 11:55 AM
I'd say MLB the Show 14 excited for online Franchise but I'm very excited for UFC on my Xbox One. I'm intrigued by Golf Club too. All of these games are probably buys for me the Golf Club is the one I need more information on.
# 8 DiscountCleric @ 01/30/14 11:57 AM
Golf Club. UFC will be as EA as all their other games and The Show has been so consistent for so long that I honestly can't say it interests me, as I just expect a certain level of depth and quality.

Golf Club is a complete unknown.
# 9 pay26 @ 01/30/14 12:10 PM
# 10 boomhauertjs @ 01/30/14 12:56 PM
RBI baseball
# 11 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/30/14 02:31 PM
All 3 are on my radar, but The Show is on the top of my list. Golf Club is second...
# 12 rkocjay @ 01/30/14 02:47 PM
Easy Mlb the show(ps4/vita)
# 13 dickey1331 @ 01/30/14 08:57 PM
This is kind of a strange question.
# 14 AntiBandwagoner @ 01/30/14 09:19 PM
The Show, no question. Figured it would be ~ 80% at the sight of the poll.
# 15 H to the Oza @ 01/30/14 10:11 PM
Of of these, MLB. Later this year I cant wait to see how NHL will look on next gen
# 16 SFCFeagin @ 01/31/14 02:00 AM
Easy pick for me The Show.. I have never watched UFC and never will.
# 17 Fiddy @ 01/31/14 09:02 AM
RBI Baseball 14

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