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Shady finally received his PlayStation 4 and NBA 2K14 not too long ago and sent us this new montage. Enjoy.

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# 1 Heroesandvillains @ 02/03/14 01:05 PM
...And he's done more sick moves than I have in my well over a month with the game.

I think I need me some MyGM Freestyle later.

Videos like this make me realize exactly how much I suck. Thanks Steve.
# 2 Guapo516 @ 02/03/14 01:05 PM
Been waiting on one of these! Dude shady makes the greatest montages!
# 3 GOOCHAVELI @ 02/03/14 03:26 PM
Heroes I feel the exact same way! lol
# 4 Heroesandvillains @ 02/03/14 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by GOOCHAVELI
Heroes I feel the exact same way! lol
It was like the most awesomest 2 minute long buzzkill ever.
# 5 junot19 @ 02/03/14 07:03 PM
Parts of that looked so real....
# 6 MYOwNArcHEnemY @ 02/03/14 07:03 PM
Yea that was pretty bad ***, thanks enjoyed it..
# 7 LD2k @ 02/03/14 07:31 PM
# 8 PJBrownHeat @ 02/04/14 09:14 AM
very good video 20/20 no problem!!!
# 9 thedream2k13 @ 02/04/14 05:21 PM
kobe still getting tribute vids while being out 90% of the season so far? shady shady shady
# 10 Moegames @ 02/04/14 09:16 PM
Anyone else freaking HYPED that next gen is finally here? Man MS and Sony went far too long with those last gen consoles...milked it to the max.

But 2k...you guys are truly God_Like....them visuals set the bar for next gen..granted they will surely be surpassed later down the road once developers start using the CPU and GPU in tandem and get closer to that metal ..but there is nothing but going up from here!

I am especially excited to see how far the bar will be raised with PS4's hardware...those extra gpu cores, ACEs, ROPs and faster Ram in PS4 has me super excited.
# 11 Sirbigspur @ 02/05/14 09:15 PM
Not gonna lie.. I was hoping for a Kobe (William Wallace) Braveheart
# 12 teebee @ 02/05/14 10:24 PM
Where are the clips of him blowing out his knee like a 90 year old geriatric war vet?

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