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After all the hype, Super Bowl XLVIII will likely be remembered as a huge letdown. There are no controversial calls by the officials to debate. No "what were you thinking?" play-calls in tense moments. And zero kickers to blame anything on -- unless we count kicking off to Percy Harvin to open the second half as a blunder.

A legendary offense versus a youthful and excitingly powerful defense should have left us with more to talk about. But instead, the only minor discussion worth having is over who "deserved" the Super Bowl MVP? Linebacker Malcolm Smith was in the right spot at the right time for a pick-six off a deflected pass, and later recovered a fumble -- and so he received the honors. Russell Wilson was equally as impressive (perhaps moreso) for his incredible efficiency, becoming the first QB in Super Bowl history to pass for 200 yards, two TD's, complete over 70% of his passes all for the winning team and still not collect the game's MVP.

Sound Off: Who most deserved to be named MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII?

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# 1 ZoneBlitz @ 02/03/14 08:20 PM
Great game. I loved it. Proud of Russell Wilson. Indeed, I find it noteworthy that both African-American QBs won against the Broncos. Of course, I don't think there is anything to the Broncos being on the losing side both times, it's just coincidence.

What I do think, however, is that we are likely seeing the emergence of a new style of quarterback in the league - the mobile quarterback that can extend plays. Of course, I don't see the Brees, Mannings, and Bradys of the league being rendered obsolete any time soon. However I wonder if their days are numbered.

# 2 Mdnghtmgcn1 @ 02/04/14 08:47 AM
I'm actually glad the Seahawks won the game as decisively as they did. Too many of these types of big games come down to the final plays of the game and risk bad calls by the officials screwing everything up...at least in this one it's clear that the Broncos blew this one with no help from anybody. It really goes to show how much ground the aging AFC has to gain on the young, competitive NFC.
# 3 devroid @ 02/04/14 11:26 AM
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so boring
# 4 wiifighter @ 02/05/14 03:58 PM
boring boring boring....................
# 5 canucksss @ 02/05/14 05:58 PM
Im glad that Seahawks won the SB. Before the season, many detractors try to ridicule the Seahawks as mediocre, pedestrians etc. In fact, many questioned the decision of Seahawks in picking Wilson on the 3rd round! Many undrafted and late draftees in their lineup. I'm glad that they blown up this game wide open, no disrespect to the Bronco's and Manning, but this was a big statement by the Seahawks and the #12's to all the detractors! (Where are you now Skip Bayless?)
# 6 JayBee74 @ 02/13/14 08:03 PM
Actually it reminds me of pre 1998 SuperBowls. The games were usually always routs. The NFC won 13 in a row at one time, with maybe two of them competitive.

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