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Q: "If you could play in the MLB or NFL, which would you choose?"

Jameis Winston: "Yes."

Ok, so maybe that wasn't a real quote from a real conversation, but it's not that far from the realm of possibility. Florida State's freshman phenom swept the Heisman trophy en route to a national championship for the Seminoles on the football field this past season. While he's likely spending time preparing for a repeat run, he's got his mind set on another national championship in another sport -- baseball.

Not only is Winston a member of the top-ten ranked Seminoles baseball team, he's already been named an All-American for the upcoming season. We should all have such time-commitment dilemmas to deal with, right?

Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan, Dave Winfield (oh what could have been) -- and next, Jameis Winston?

Sound Off: If you had to choose between a career in professional football or baseball, which sport would you pick?

Sports Headlines for February 5, 2014

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# 1 TjJunior @ 02/05/14 11:59 PM
Baseball no question. No salary cap, less devestation on the body(especally at the QB) plus the MLB really badly needs a stud african american atlete to choose thier sport over basketball or football, if anyone could ignite that league I would put my money on Winston. He's got the talent and charisma. If it were me Id choose baseball.
# 2 UnusualMattyB @ 02/06/14 07:53 AM
Baseball. Easy. Longer shelf life, more money.
# 3 jmaj315 @ 02/06/14 08:32 AM
agreed ^

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# 4 SVCbearcat10 @ 02/06/14 12:02 PM
If he wants more money, he should choose football. He's guaranteed to be a top draft pick (barring injury). While in baseball, there is no guarantee he will make it to the majors. Samardzija is the only 2 sport star I remember making it to the MLB and being decent. Russell Wilson hit below .230 before giving up and pursuing football. Drew Henson made more money in football than baseball, as did Brandon Weeden already.
# 5 Chrisksaint @ 02/07/14 10:24 AM
If I was going to be great in both I would probably choose Baseball as it seemingly can offer a safer career and more $$, but the joy of football would be hard to pass up though.

However, for Jameis no question 100% football. While he is a good player in baseball the life of a closer is a tricky one and he's an above average position player with a strong arm. Meanwhile in football he imo could be the next great NFL QB.

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