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With the Winter Olympics beginning Friday, are you excited and ready for the start of the Winter games?

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# 1 SkillzKillz719 @ 02/05/14 04:41 PM
I think it should be exciting!

I don't like all the controversy that Putin is making though.... But all that aside it's ALWAYS a good thing to watch the best athletes of our world compete in games where two of the main motivations are for themselves and their country. It must be an awesome thing training for years for a couple weeks of action. Should be cool though!
# 2 inkcil @ 02/05/14 04:50 PM
Is anyone making a video game?
# 3 bhurst99 @ 02/05/14 05:22 PM
Can't wait!

I think is the first year in a long time there has been a winter Olympic video game.
# 4 HawaiiJedi @ 02/05/14 05:26 PM
The Olympics seems to bring out all the non-sports' fans. Asides from Hockey, I find most of the games to be painful to watch. It's a combination of fragmented coverage and a collection of niche sports I have little interest in watching outside of the games and quite frankly, during the games. Plus it's such a downer coming off of College Football and NFL playoffs.
# 5 timbeau0805 @ 02/05/14 06:06 PM
Nah, I'll pass.
# 6 Semipro91 @ 02/05/14 06:53 PM
Hockey should be awesome, everything else....Meh
# 7 footballfan4life @ 02/05/14 07:17 PM
I'm looking forward to watching them. I'm just worried about the athletes' safety after the pictures were released of the conditions and all the controversy surrounding the events
# 8 Majingir @ 02/05/14 10:46 PM
The one country which will win so much has people not caring.....

I'm watching the hockey games for sure, that's really the best part of the olympics(which is why it'd be stupid to get rid of NHL players from it). But I'll also watch the medal competitions of various events if Canadians are in it
# 9 Bobhead @ 02/06/14 12:32 AM
Olympics? Is that like a new Dollar Menu item or something?
# 10 PPerfect_CJ @ 02/06/14 08:09 AM
Can't wait! Love the Olympics, both Winter and Summer. It's always cool to hear the stories about the athlete's lives just as much as watching the actual competition. Let's go USA!
# 11 LionsFanNJ @ 02/06/14 08:45 AM
I'm always excited about an Olympics event. I find myself entertained by a lot of the random sports that airs.

Except figure skating. I will never watch figure skating

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# 12 doubledeuceR6 @ 02/06/14 09:19 AM
I'm sure I'll watch hockey and maybe few other events here and there but I wouldn't say I'm excited.
# 13 yankeesgiants @ 02/06/14 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by Majingir
The one country which will win so much has people not caring.....
Because Olympic coverage sucks in this country and has for 2 decades. The last time we had solid olympic coverage was the 1988 games when ABC still had broadcast rights. It's been NBC tabloid human interest s-show fotter ever since. I'll pass... Dont get me started on that blowhard gas bag Bob Costas either...
# 14 gtyjrocks @ 02/06/14 03:21 PM
I love the Olympics. Both winter and summer. I'm so excited. Plus every event is streamed live this year which is pretty cool.
# 15 greensalad @ 02/22/14 03:14 AM
i hope it would be exciting

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