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Let's face it, Sports Game controls are kind of complicated.

To some, this is a necessary evil to capturing the action on the field as close as possible to a sports game's real counterparts. To others, this huge barrier of entry makes it nearly impossible to fully get into a sports game.

What about you? Are sports games control schemes too complicated for their own good? Do you feel Sports games actually need even more complexity in their control schemes? Sound off by voting in our poll and leaving a comment!

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# 1 8mileroad @ 02/11/14 02:07 PM
I feel like they're good where they are right now, at least the games I play. Madden is good, could be great with the return of the vision cone, but is good nonetheless. NBA 2k's revamped controls are amazing, only thing I would possibly change is passing. NHL is pretty damn good too, dekeing is sort of complicated but still relatively easy to learn if you put in a little effort.
# 2 SVCbearcat10 @ 02/11/14 02:10 PM
As long as there is an option to make them simpler, then they are at a good point right now. For those who have been playing their whole lives, there simple enough. For those who are new to games, the current schemes are way too complicated and need to option to ease into it.
# 3 SVCbearcat10 @ 02/11/14 02:11 PM
they're instead of there and need the option to... man my grammar is poor today.
# 4 Jarbeez @ 02/11/14 02:19 PM
I think they have a good balance right now. It is like sports in real life, the amount of time you put into will dictate your level of skill. For me, I can hold my own on Madden or NBA 2K, but I know I'm not using every control and move there is. So when I go up against my nephew who has limitless time to work on every move available, I know I have my work cut out for me.

Sort of like in basketball the difference between being fundamentally sound and able to play a good game versus being some showboat who likes to show off all the moves. Sometimes you can win with the basics, sometimes you can't.
# 5 Jarbeez @ 02/11/14 02:20 PM
I can't edit my last post, but was also going to reply, my 8 year old can pick up NBA 2K and Madden and figure it out, even with somewhat limited knowledge of the sports themselves, so it can't be too terribly bad.
# 6 JohnDoe8865 @ 02/11/14 03:05 PM
OPTIONS! I want options. Options to "dumb down" the controls AND options to give me even more control. I want options in (current-gen?) next-gen !!
# 7 grodbetatted @ 02/11/14 03:50 PM
Honestly the cocky control scheme I can't get is 2ks... Passing shooting and dribbling on one stick is over kill IMO. I can't euro when I want to, I can't spin lay up on command every time I do it it's an accident... Sometimes I'll try to cross but end up shooting, I just feel it's too much..
# 8 grodbetatted @ 02/11/14 03:50 PM
Only* I need to stop being on os well driving
# 9 instant000 @ 02/11/14 03:52 PM
I wouldn't mind an option to use "legacy controls". (Actually, I wouldn't mind if all games included "custom controls" so you could map your buttons where you wanted them to be.)

As it is now, you have a learning curve when you revert to games you played in the past.
# 10 Majingir @ 02/11/14 03:55 PM
I think controls are fine, some games especially better today than 10-15 years ago.

lol, I remember the old school wrestling games on N64 where you had to do something like "A,B,B,A,Z,A,Z,B,Start" just to call someone from the outside to interfere in your match lol.

Controls today are good, all the games need to focus on is just making overall gameplay better. No need to change up controls, just change up how the rest of the game plays.
# 11 Picci @ 02/11/14 07:20 PM
More Management Voice Options for gameplay.......

I want to call the infield in, RF & CF Move to pull while telling LF stay the same etc..

Play Tight or Play off Guard etc..

Play QB Spy, Cover 6, etc. etc....

Pull goalie, change line, etc etc.....
# 12 AntiBandwagoner @ 02/11/14 07:50 PM
If controls are to become more complex, there needs to be options to dumb them down. Sports games need more options to be able to appeal to less 'serious' gamers.

But I am in agreement that the more user control = less simulation.
# 13 tarek @ 02/11/14 11:01 PM
As I get older I have found controls for most game (not just sports) are getting a little beyond me, same with the pace of the action. I cannot play FPS, or fast paced games because it is just a struggle to keep up rather than an enjoyable experience.

With sports games, this has led me to become mostly a coach mode player.
# 14 david20lampton @ 02/11/14 11:43 PM
I am fine with the controls the way they are. It really doesn't matter to me either way.
# 15 ps3veron @ 02/12/14 04:34 AM
Depends on the game really. The Show is perfect
(options for everyone ), Madden is good, FIFA could be simpler, NHL needs to be easier and NBA 2K is Cantonese to me!
# 16 Jakeness23 @ 02/12/14 08:09 AM
Madden's need to be more responsive. I feel like I flick down or to the side on the stick and my guy will spin.

2K's controls are pretty good and I think Live is pretty good too.

All they really need to work on is responsiveness IMO.
# 17 Dogslax41 @ 02/12/14 09:45 AM
I personally would prefer more depth. More along the lines of PES where to do anything more than the basic movements it's more like a fighting game in terms of user input. It should be difficult to make highlight plays and when attempting them there should be much more room for user error when trying them. Similarly I think more depth in terms of potential error due to accuracy of input would do games a world of good.

Madden is the primary game I can think of that could use a massive overhaul in terms of control. Make kicking like Tiger Woods or All Pro. Passing I would personally like to see the right stick control a passing line and one button (highly pressure sensitive) to throw. That would help make the pass rush more of an issue, force you to know your routes, punish harshly for low rated route running receivers, and most importantly allow realistic under/overthrows that were your fault and not the CPUs.

But all of this would only be possible if there was a resurgence of arcade based games to complement the addition of complexity to sim based games. In my opinion the dumbing down of sim games has already gone too far and its come as a result of developers trying to make one game to cater to all. As a 33 year old long time avid sports fan I expect a different level of complexity when a developer advertises their game as a simulation that would by nature exclude casual fans of the subject. Perfect example, DCS A10 flight simulator. If you don't want to study and put in the time to learn the game you won't even be able to start the aircraft up to get it off the ground.

That's why exclusive rights are so damaging to gaming. There is no reason for a huge publisher that has a captive audience to spend the capital to develop two games that cater to two different populations when they can save 50% of those dev costs and hit 80 to 90% of the market they would have hit with two games. Historically it's been the little guy that tries something different and tries to carve out a niche of customers that has delivered hardcore difficult games that cater to selective and demanding audiences.
# 18 Skyboxer @ 02/12/14 09:58 AM
Options are always the way to go.
It's the lack or advancing what the controls do that's the issue.

ie.. EA and Madden - We've been hitting X for X WR for years now.....
Fevers R&L needed some tweaks and it would have been a great option to have.

Sadly EA seems to be content with the same old dated system.
# 19 elgreazy1 @ 02/12/14 10:38 AM
They aren't intuitive at all.
# 20 beecravey7 @ 02/13/14 11:49 AM
I would like to see a throw accuracy meter in a football game that could be adjusted to be more easy or more difficult based on user preference and that could be turned off if the player did not want to use it at all. The quarterbacks throwing accuracy and throwing on the run ratings would factor in on how difficult making an accurate pass would be.

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