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EA Sports tweeted the above today, possibly signaling a new NBA Jam game. After being dormant since April 24, 2012, it has tweeted at least once for the past 4 days. Maybe we get something official tomorrow?

We've reached out to EA for comment and will update if we hear anything back.

Are you excited about the possibility of a return of NBA Jam?

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# 1 Mintsa @ 02/12/14 10:01 AM
Hmmm really....

Wonder if its for PS4 or PS3 ?
# 2 mb625 @ 02/12/14 10:10 AM
Excuse my skepticism, but are we sure that this is an official, EA Sports run account? I only ask because it A) doesn't have the blue check mark by it and B) I can't decide based on the other tweets whether or not it's EA run, some of them feel "corporate" and others don't.
# 3 stlpimpmonsta @ 02/12/14 10:18 AM
If they don't make it like T.E or Hangtime I don't care. the last game was very slow and didn't play like old NBA Jam games. Defense Absolutely sucked in the 1st EA version of NBA Jam(didn't play on fire edition). the fact that you couldn't push somebody once they start their jump shot pretty much made jump shooting overpowered. All they have to do is look at the first 3 NBA arcade games by Midway (note I said NBA so no arch rivals,while a good game, its not what I want them take from) see what made those games fun and focus on that for the new one.
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# 4 Ermolli @ 02/12/14 10:42 AM
I wish that instead of another Jam game they did another NBA Street, it's been 9 years since the last one and it'd be a great alternative from regular NBA games. I wouldn't mind if it was very similar to the previous ones (which were fantastic) or if it had an approach close to what it was done on the FIFA Street reboot (a more realistic street game with some authentic courts and street players/legends besides the NBA players), it would add more variety to the genre and make up play something that would last even when the NBA ends after the Finals.
# 5 Mintsa @ 02/12/14 11:25 AM
I agree 100000%. Skip NBA Jam and resurrect the Street series.

But if this tweet is true, then that obviously isn't happening.
# 6 Bolt957 @ 02/12/14 12:42 PM
Definitely need a return of NBA Street as well as NFL Street, not that abysmal NFL "Tour".
# 7 NoMoneyNoProblemz @ 02/12/14 12:56 PM
Man, it's funny how the those of us who got to play NBA street first time around still miss this series. I remember the first time I played the original and the satisfaction I got from swatting shots, these games had it all, and made playing regular basketball games better.

After getting in some quick matches with random players, it gve me an appetite to play some organised ball, unlike today where playing blacktop mode does not motivate me to go and play a full game.

A new version of street would be dope if they get it right, legends, era's and current players, but absolutely keep celebrities out, keep it real and keep the costs down and focus on real arcade type ball. I still have a ps2 just so ican play the first three versions, dang, if they released them for 360 like they do all these so called classics I would buy em all again, no changes leave em as they were. Make it happen, oh a new NBA Jam, naaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..........
# 8 scottyp180 @ 02/12/14 02:11 PM
As cool as a new nba jam would be I agree that a new nba street is overdue. The fun factor found in that game is top notch. I can remember buying the first nba street just because it was it was a basketball game and the graphics look great. Little did I know how incredibly fun that game would be. Enough time has passed to reintroduce nba street to the world
# 9 redspyda24 @ 02/12/14 08:21 PM
Forget that game they really need bring back NBA Street & NFL Street.
# 10 SonicBoom2040 @ 02/12/14 10:55 PM
laughable...all you have to do is tweak some settings and live would be the same game...

but seriously, in my opinion, use the resources to make what you have better...i'd rather play a more "sim" style game, because while i've played all those iterations, they get stale to me rather quickly...so i'd just say skip it altogether. just my 2 cents
# 11 Steve_OS @ 02/13/14 05:12 PM

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