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MLB 14 The Show is reporting to Spring Training tomorrow with an extensive reveal and an actual release date expected to (finally) be announced. We are expecting videos, hands-on details, and probably a fact sheet with a full list of features for this year's game to be revealed.

We don't know if we'll get any PS4 info from tomorrow or not, but we are certainly hopeful!

What are you expecting to be announced tomorrow? What do you want to see out of this year's game?

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# 1 ShowTyme15 @ 02/12/14 11:23 AM
I'll take anything and everything at this point.
# 2 BSUFAN @ 02/12/14 11:24 AM
At this point I will be glad to see any PS4 screenshots or PS4 video no matter how small. Of course the release date will be a bonus.
# 3 tnixen @ 02/12/14 11:24 AM
Well the main thing I expect tomorrow is to finally see what the PS4 is really capable of

Also what I would love to see tomorrow besides the obvious graphics upgrades is lot of the new presentation enhancements that were never possible before in the PS3 versions.

Some examples

Ball Girls and Ball Boys in realtime
Bat Boys in realtime
Umpires wearing jackets during cold weather games
Real LED boards with all the real stats in all stadiums (No more just seeing scrolling team logos all the time)
Open and closed Dome stadiums
No more twins and triplets in the stands and would like to see kids and even old people in the stands now
Better more timely Home Run Stat Overlay (Like how it's done on real TV baseball broadcasts)
Stadium Flybys before game begins
Mid game updates from around the league with highlights
Being able to see the blades of grass

So many things but these are just a few off the top of my head

And yes I know more then likely a lot of these little things will have to wait for MLB 15 or even 16 The Show.

And if the Fact Sheet that Russell writes up is also being released tomorrow that would be fantastic!
# 4 godylla @ 02/12/14 11:25 AM
A trailer that doubles as a TV advertisement. A date regarding the first PS4 video. Along with a write up about some new "features" and some screens.
# 5 Sco291 @ 02/12/14 11:25 AM
I'm interested to see what the Brandon Philips pictures mean tomorrow! I remember seeing a screenshot of MLB 14 main menu, and Philips is pictured in the RTTS selection box, so with the hasgtag they're doing #baseballisbetter, maybe they're pushing RTTS as why do anything else in life in terms of sports than become your own major leaguer?

But I'm expecting features we have wanted for years now, and I can't wait to see all the "little things" they have added, immersion is so huge for this game and I think this is the year it's going to be nailed. Hoping to see a more in depth Franchise mode, and an overhauled PS4 presentation.

I think well get release date for at lest one of the consoles tomorrow if not both, some videos of the PS3 version, and screenshots of both current and next gen. Can wait!
# 6 BSchwartz07 @ 02/12/14 11:32 AM
I bought a PS3 just so I could get The Show every year, and I'll likely do the same with PS4... Depending on what it looks like I may make that move this year or not
# 7 MrOldboy @ 02/12/14 11:35 AM
If there isn't at least a trailer that contains some PS4 footage I will be pretty dissapointed. If the press are being shown the game and able to play it fans should at least get to see what the fuss is about.

The fear is that the PS4 version will be delayed until May, similar to MLB 07 on PS3. That is looking more likely now, but I'm still holding out hope it'll be out in April.
# 8 ajblithe20 @ 02/12/14 11:35 AM
I'm expecting similar gameplay (I think it's already great) with some neat additions that have already been confirmed like the generated counts and pitch count on scoreboard. The big question for me is if the graphics will stack up to nba 2k14 on ps4.... I think they might?!

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# 9 Eman5805 @ 02/12/14 11:37 AM
I expect the game to look awesome. But I hope the real jaw dropper is in the details and the animation themselves. Like what's the glove and ball interaction going to look like? Facial animations ratcheted up to the point of just being ratchet? Slow the pitcher's throwing motion down to even seeing the ball come off the fingers close to real life?

All that will be gazed and gawked upon.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day that is for certainty.
# 10 asu666 @ 02/12/14 11:38 AM
I expect Sony San Diego to roll along with the best sports game title. I hope, Sony San Diego learned from 2K's how to destroy a great sports game in a year example. Additional annimations, ball guys/girls on the foul lines, better looking crowds, better looking stadiums, hopefully bring back detailed team finances, hopefully a lot of new audio, bat boys/girls, opening and closing roofs, rain delays/moved games, doubleheaders, better weather in climates like Phoenix where it shouldn,t be 40 degrees on Opening Day, etc.
# 11 HustlinOwl @ 02/12/14 11:38 AM
I want some PS4 footage and exactly how online franchises will work also some kind of indication their online server issues have been addressed
# 12 Teigh Cubs Teigh @ 02/12/14 11:39 AM
Some comments about recapturing PS4 screen shots pretty much confirm that we will see them. I'd like the release dates and I'm pretty sure they'll be announced. We also know that we'll see some interviews so I'm hoping that those are very informative and give us some insight into the modes and the new changes and additions.

As for things that are a little less certain, I would love to see the game running on the PS4. I'm guessing there will be some sort of video released tomorrow, but I don't know if it'll be PS3 or 4. I'm hoping for gameplay on PS4, but if not I would like to see at least a trailer showing off some of the PS4 in motion. I would also love to see the fact sheet released and be able to pore over the new features.
# 13 Candymandagreat @ 02/12/14 11:46 AM
release date is 4.1.14 per Gamestop
# 14 SVCbearcat10 @ 02/12/14 11:46 AM
When compared to that time when Jesus hit a bases empty Grand Slam to win the game for the Bethlehem Braves, this will be much more impressive and spectacular!


Expecting PS3 vs PS4 screenshots, a release date, and some new comparative screenshots on the PS4 showing the very very recently improved lighting.
# 15 TheRyanExpress @ 02/12/14 11:46 AM
I expect awesomeness. Whatever it is...it will be awesome.
# 16 TheBleedingRed21 @ 02/12/14 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Candymandagreat
release date is 4.1.14 per Gamestop
That has been the place holder forever..
# 17 barsoffury @ 02/12/14 11:49 AM
I'm not so sure that they'll spill all their beans tomorrow but I would expect a hay maker or two. I'm guessing (hoping) we'll get:
-ps4 & ps3 screenshots
-ps3 game play (hopefully ps4 too)
-Hints about new features, modes, animations, detail to players and atmospheres, cpu logic, but not super in depth.
-Release dates for both versions.

I honestly will not be disappointed tomorrow no matter what. Even if it's just 1 screenshot and a release date.
# 18 bwiggy33 @ 02/12/14 11:59 AM
The main thing for me is what kind of improvements to the game did they make in the graphics and detail department. Ball boys, faces, stadiums, atmosphere, etc. Next is the bat and ball physics. We've already been treated to that with PS3 but my guess is they can even take it a notch further on the PS4. I'd like to see hooking liners, balls down the line that hit the outfield wall, etc. Just physics we haven't been able to see due to limitations with the PS3. Third is collision detection. Obviously collisions at the plate are no longer allowed, but what about base runners sliding into fielders without the canned animation like on PS3 and how about outfielders colliding. It'd just be nice not to see guys morph through each other anymore. Finally is presentation but I don't really need to go into detail on that because it's all been said before.
# 19 barsoffury @ 02/12/14 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by BizDevConglomerate
From everything we've seen from sports games thus far, I'll say more hype, to make more money. As much as they can, because no dev is living up to the true capabilities of the system. They show nice movies but the actual experience is never what it could've been. I know it will look amazing. I also know M.K. will edit rosters, But with out DD exportable to franchises with custom uniforms, and expansion or custom leagues, deeper franchise management and trade logic, without having to spend extra money, then it's just another hyped better looking game on a new powerful, system. That we will buy bcuz we love baseball.
No faith? That's too bad. The Show and SCEA have put out an awesome title every year and this year should be no different.
# 20 BSUFAN @ 02/12/14 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by Candymandagreat
release date is 4.1.14 per Gamestop
If that was the date we would all know about it and they would not be having a podcast tomorrow about the PS4/PS3 and Vita realese date , So again for the 1000th time Gamestop is not Sony.

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