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Konami has released PES 2014 patch version 1.06 today. Here are the list of fixes, courtesy of OPE.

  • More [Camera Settings] are available in the Team Play Lobby in addition to the existing [Vertical] setting.
* The following issues have been fixed.

  • Online match results shown after the final whistle were sometimes displayed as [%d].
  • Random player form settings were not correctly applied when playing consecutive matches.
  • Once a team's lineup of substitutions had been edited, saved and then loaded again, changes were sometimes lost.
  • Player icons on the pitch would sometimes disappear.
  • Edited player faces changed when the patch file was implemented.
* In addition, we've fine-tuned each mode to improve your overall gaming experience.

PC users can download the patch here.

PS3 users also received an additional update that fixes the occasional power drop issue.

A free February data pack is coming later this month, check out the press release below.

Latest PES 2014 Data Pack Content Revealed

KONAMI adds a wealth of classic and third kits, as part of continued quality and content enhancements

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has released details of a wealth of new content for its PES 2014 title.

The February free Data Pack will be available for PlayStation®3,Xbox 360® and PC versions, and adds a wide range of new elements to the game. All transfers made during the 2014 January window will be implemented, while a host of new kits, ball and boot styles have also been added.

As part of KONAMI's continued pledge to refine and bolster its acclaimed simulations content, the new download adds a number of new kits to the game. PES 2014 pays tribute to a selection of great classic teams including replica kits of the AC Milan side of 1899, the 1982/83 Roma side, Benfica's all-conquering 1961/62 XI and Manchester United's treble-winning 1998/99 strip. Contemporary teams have also been updated, with the new French, German and Spanish nationals strip updated, alongside those of AS Roma, FC Porto, Olympiakos and Club Atlético All Boys.

The heritage of South American football is also celebrated with classic strips for Santos FC (1968), Colo-Colo (1992), São Paulo(1993), Boca Juniors (1997), Racing Club Avellaneda (1967) and the 1996 Universidad De Chile side. Third kits for the current Manchester United, Juventus and Inter Milan sides have also been introduced.In total, 13 new kits have been added, and 43 updated.

New boots from the world's leading manufacturers have also been recreated, including Nike's Tiempo V and Hypervenom Phantom styles, Puma's evoSPEED 1.2s and evoPOWER 1s, and the Predator LZ TRX FGs and F50 adizero TRX from adidas. 16 new boots have been added in total, as have five new ball styles, including the official Final Lisbon ball as seen in the UEFA Champions League knock-out stages, and the adidas argentum, the official ball of the Argentine leagues.

The DataPack will be available soon. A new patch is live today to tweak AI and gameplay elements and add a new camera to the 11 vs 11 mode in response to user feedback.

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Member Comments
# 1 JimmyDeicide @ 02/14/14 08:09 AM
Not much to see here. Patch was 4mb and i cant tell that any thing has changed in the gameplay and with a wopping 4mb i wasnt expecting much but at least something.
Well i dont see it , the cpu is still spamming the near post with most of its attacks, attacking headers are still barely part of the game.

Oh well thanks for the update Konami... i guess.
# 2 bjackets @ 02/15/14 08:50 AM
Patch has made a significant difference imho. Game speed is much faster. The control delays are gone, header game is much improved and they have power now when timed properly. Your skill players are now very dangerous and can get past defenders. I have been able to pull off some pretty spectacular runs with skilled players. Without the control delays the amount of control and moves you can pull off is really impressive. Corner kicks are much more dangerous now due to improved header play. I have had guys sprint to open space since patch and smash headers on net and score with power. I have seen wild scrambles in front of the net as well now. Goalies aren't perfect but I really don't want perfect goal tending. This game now gives you the feeling that anything can happen. Animations are much better now and you don't have stumble issues where you can't recover and make a play nearly as often now. I have seen several plays where talented players where knocked off balance but they still recover quick enough to beat their man. The patch has had a major impact from what I have noticed.
# 3 dubcity @ 02/16/14 04:28 AM
I'm not convinced that the overall game speed and movement is faster, but everything feels smoother and more responsive for sure. Shots from outside the box are now more realistic and powerful, resulting in more of a variety of goals and more shots off target. The verdict is still out on the keepers.

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# 4 JimmyDeicide @ 02/16/14 02:18 PM
Where either of you guys playing the game regularly before the patch?
No sarcasm here just wondering because i was , playing it every day and didnt notice much at all.
Could it bet he patch doesnt effect any previous competitions you have on going.
Im definitely not seeing significant differences.
# 5 rckabillyRaider @ 02/16/14 07:43 PM
I like it. Differences are not that extreme, but they're there. The two that I noticed most is the overall control response and the shooting feels better.
# 6 RoyceDa59 @ 02/16/14 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by rckabillyRaider
I like it. Differences are not that extreme, but they're there. The two that I noticed most is the overall control response and the shooting feels better.
Would you guys say its worth a purchase now? I only rented it before but I have been craving some football action. I only rented it before but didn't entertain it too long.
# 7 rckabillyRaider @ 02/16/14 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by RoyceDa59
Would you guys say its worth a purchase now? I only rented it before but I have been craving some football action. I only rented it before but didn't entertain it too long.
Worth a purchase if you can find it at a good discount price. Though I do think it's improved with the patches, it still feels like an incomplete rushed game this year. I'm still waiting for some complete option files so I can start a BAL. I've always enjoyed that mode. It still won't overtake my fifa 14 pc with mods though
# 8 bjackets @ 02/17/14 06:39 PM
I was playing it pretty regularly before patch but put it down for a while because it was getting stale because too many things were broken. Now that responsiveness and some of the other things have been tweaked I'm enjoying it. They tweaked a lot of the things that were really bothering me so they might seen more pronounced. I just can't get into Fifa for whatever reason. Just too little variety so I keep coming back to this and it is finally getting there.
# 9 JimmyDeicide @ 02/17/14 08:36 PM
I cant stand Fifa single player for more than a few games. Ive stuck it out with pes this year although its got a lot wrong with it because i just like the way the Ai plays. Fifa 's AI does too much dribbling and i hate the way they move.
If Fifa players knocked the ball around like Pes's AI it would be untouchable, well except for the last minute goals maybe.
# 10 rckabillyRaider @ 02/17/14 09:06 PM
Been playing some more games post patch and I'm really liking it more. Like Jimmy said, I've always liked the pes AI and movement on the pitch. One other thing I noticed that they fixed that was bothering me is the defender clearances in the box. Before for any cross or soft lob in the box, my defenders would mainly try to trap it which would lead to unnecessary scrambles and easy goals. Now my guys are properly clearing it first time with a header or kick for the most part
# 11 JimmyDeicide @ 02/17/14 10:00 PM
Playing with basic controls helps with a lot of the control gaffs i feel, certainly easier to clear the ball from the box and at least have your players jump for a header instead of not even respond.
I find my self using A button for almost all my headers in my own box as x just doesnt seem to work half the time.

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