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Earlier last month, Gamestop was offering a pre-order bonus for users with a $20 value of in-game 'universal currency.'

What was curious about that move is that the currency on the promo included everything from Road to the Show training points to your franchise budget. However, that promo was released about the same time the displeasure with the NBA 2K14 Virtual Currency system really hit a fever pitch.

What was included in the mini Fact Sheet for MLB 14 The Show is what appears to be a much less intrusive feature called "Stubs." Sony was very specific in their language in the fact sheet to ensure they informed users about how the Stubs feature won't be required to advance in any in-game mode. It is almost certain this is a result of the unease about currency systems in the aftermath of the backlash against NBA 2K's VC system which requires users to earn points just to set their lineup in the game's MyGM mode, amongst other things.

Stubs themselves seem like a potentially cool rewards/achievements system, so the jury is out on how it is, but it likely won't play a central role but rather a helpful role in advancing within the game. Most likely Stubs' likely accessory type of role rather than a more central role like Virtual Currency will mean they are received quite warmly by gamers. It remains to be seen if a 'Universal Currency' system which affects your franchise budget is in the game, but it seems hard to imagine something else being in there with the Stubs feature seemingly filling that need within the game.

We are expecting a more detailed Fact Sheet with even more info on this year's game to be coming soon!

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 02/13/14 09:28 PM
still used towards DD Im sure and purchasing packs and training players has always put me off in this mode
# 2 MrOldboy @ 02/13/14 09:34 PM
I thought this was already confirmed?

Or were they saying you won't buy stubs, but you can just buy the RTTS points, etc from the store? Either way stubs will have monetary value attached to them now. If it takes 1000 stubs to buy 1000 RTTS points, that just means 1000 stubs=$1.


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