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Tired of the same game-mode choices in your sports gaming life? One creative soul may have just ignited an idea that game makers and licensing companies can get behind. Introducing: Space Jam incorporated into NBA 2K14.

We've all played a season or franchise in some aspect, and the "My Player" modes are growing in popularity and depth. But what if you could relive moments from your favorite sports movie while playing a video game?

What if NCAA Football (if it still existed) allowed for a Rudy play-through of key moments? Perhaps SCEA could let us incorporate some Bull Durham, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams or any of the Major League movies? Sure, we can create characters and add them to our current teams, but what about recreating the actual moments?

Sound Off: Would your purchase decision be influenced if a sports game incorporated relivable sports movie moments?

Sports Headlines for February 14, 2014

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# 1 Rhouston @ 02/14/14 04:55 PM
I love creating players from movies and incorporating them into the game. For MVP baseball, I created Henry Rowangartner (99 Fastball) and Steve Nebraska (99 everything). Most recently, because of the old throwback Anaheim Ducks jerseys, I created the entire roster from D2. Only problem is is that Luis Mendoza can actually stop in the video game...
# 2 tril @ 02/15/14 06:25 AM
awesome and looks like a fun idea for the kids. Unfortunately, I wouldnt be into it though.
# 3 GlennN @ 02/15/14 10:48 AM
Slapshot for a hockey game anyone? I'm in!!
# 4 jaymgm @ 02/15/14 02:33 PM
I could not stop laughing at this video. Funny stuff, the characters kind of looked a little creepy, but nice job. Yosemite Sam dunking with that hat on was priceless lol.
# 5 sheredia @ 02/15/14 05:50 PM
yes....great idea. perhaps some of these games would bode well on xbox live arcade? small price for a quick fix. i think it would cool.

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