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FIFA 14 title update #5 is available now for PS4 and soon for Xbox One users. The update resolves an issue where users were unfairly awarded a win or avoided a loss after disconnecting from a FUT match.

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# 1 half-fast @ 02/23/14 03:18 AM
Thanks for the news ... yet another joke update, with their quoted, "commitment to improve FIFA 14 is ongoing". There are larger issues at hand, very poor player switching, among other things, and they fix this one issue?
# 2 Shimoda @ 02/24/14 12:00 AM
They have to put more camera angles in this game
# 3 half-fast @ 02/24/14 06:07 AM
Agreed, and the ones they have are more limited than the old gen versions. If they could make the Dynamic cam work properly, I'd be in heaven. Say, zoom in on breakaways or 1 on 1 situations. My god.
# 4 number1thumbs @ 02/25/14 08:48 PM
They need to make non user players more aware of the action going on around them. It's a good game but can also be quite frustrating at times.
# 5 JODYE @ 02/28/14 01:23 PM
Apparently this fixed nothing.

Or had an adverse affect on Seasons mode.

I had 3 games in a row where I was winning 3-0 and the other guy quit and I didn't get the win, AND it took away one from my games remaining. Ended up getting relegated from Division 3 because of it.
# 6 gstelmack @ 03/17/14 01:55 PM
Is this the one that hit Xbox ONE late last week? So far it appears to have wrecked my My Player Career - both teams carefully push the ball up, so both teams are constantly trying to get to the net with 10 players (everyone but the striker) back near the box defending. Very few if any attempts at breakaways. I can be standing in the middle of the penalty area (defenders on a line right in front of the goal when the player on the wings brings the ball down near the corner, midfielders a bit forward of the penalty area) and no crosses come in. Everyone wants to dribble a bit before passing, which often leads to turnovers, but they are also passing up wide open chances to push the ball forward. Most games are 0-0, 1-0, or 1-1, I'm not seeing either side manage to score 2 goals.

Just me, maybe the league I'm in (MLS?), small sample size, patch break something?

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