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With the NFL draft combine becoming a highly commercialized event, and with the rise of 24/7 NFL coverage via the NFL network -- it seems draft day and the entire process leading up to it will continue to become a bigger and bigger deal.

Do you think EA Sports and Madden should work closer with the NFL to improve the draft experience in Madden or do you think that will be needless and perhaps even unnecessary depth?

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# 1 BSchwartz07 @ 02/25/14 03:22 PM
No combine, the AI for teams is a complete joke, you can only really scout a hand full of prospects, the ones you do scout have their ratings magically change on draft day, no visuals, just a stupid twitter feed that they put in upside down so you have to scroll all the way to the bottom with every pick to see what irrelevant comment was posted. With the loss of NCAA I'd give Madden a solid F for their Draft effort
# 2 jmaj315 @ 02/25/14 03:41 PM
There should be a combine. Its on the NFL network every year and its being talked about on ESPN.

I think the draft itself is okay, the AI doesn't draft for need tho.

Scouting needs to be improved upon. Most players are able to be scouted by watching game tape, so some players should have certain attributes already unlocked. For example we (most of us) have a general knowledge of what Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel can do. We can easily watch their game tapes and figure out for ourselves what kind of attributes they have. It shouldn't take all of my scout points to look at 3 or 4 guys in depth. There are waaaay too many picks and variables for that.
# 3 TheJokester117 @ 02/25/14 03:54 PM
It could definitely use a combine, better AI draft logic, and a more visually appealing aspect.

That would be a start.
# 4 movethechains11 @ 02/25/14 04:01 PM
Everything in Head Coach should be put in madden and then more should be added.
# 5 CM Hooe @ 02/25/14 04:13 PM
The live draft itself is a great experience, particularly in a multiplayer setting. It might be useful to add something to it for users not holding the current selection or attempting to make a trade to do, however.

The lead-up to the draft is hit-and-miss. The player story lines is a cool feature. However, more importantly, the scouting experience isn't very enjoyable. I always end up banking all my scouting points for as long as possible and spending them all only when I have to. It's simply not fun to do and I don't want to do it. Adding a more lively experience for the NFL Combine and college team pro days would also improve the scouting aspect of the game.

I also would like to see big boards added to help keep track of ranking prospects on one's own; there's currently no means for which the player to do this in-game. I've previously constructed spreadsheets to help keep track of prospect rankings; I shouldn't have to do this. The big board could also be useful for helping an auto-piloted user team conduct a draft reasonably.
# 6 tns21 @ 02/25/14 04:34 PM
They should model the draft off of what they had in head coach, where you sent your scouts to one pro day a day, then you had a few individual workouts. I bought madden for the first time in 10 years this year, and I was very disappointed that a lot of head coach's offseason was better than maddens.
# 7 brianski71 @ 02/25/14 04:37 PM
This question is 100% irrelevant until we have NCAA back. Who cares how good the draft is if you can't draft real college players? Sorry, the fake guys just don't do it for me, no matter how well it's implemented.
# 8 malky @ 02/25/14 05:28 PM
It should be done like nba2k, now that's a great visual draft for your franchise.
# 9 brza37 @ 02/25/14 05:39 PM
Bring back the Draft Board! Its ridiculous that there is no way to set up a ranking or players or position preferences before the draft. It helps when trying to draft yourself but is definitely needed in online leagues for players that can't be online at the time. I don't know how often I've seen guys quit online leagues because they missed the draft and the CPU drafted garbage players for them.

The combine would be nice to have but a real working draft board is a necessity.
# 10 JMUfootball @ 02/25/14 05:46 PM
I'd say it's pretty awful. The whole scouting system is incredibly stale, it feels like something from a 1990's Sega Genesis game. Points? The grade that is first a question mark but then never actually changes (a "B?" will always end up between 80-89)? Terrible UI with those huge boxes that makes navigation a chore.

NBA 2K11 revolutionized the draft when you could take potential draftees for a live spin on the court before the draft. Imagine the opportunity here for Madden to create a combine where you could take control of the top players for on-field drills. It completely humanizes the players beyond "this guy is a 91 speed, this guy is a 92 speed, easy choice."
# 11 JohnDoe8865 @ 02/25/14 06:40 PM
Madden desperately needs the full NFL Draft experience, starting with scouting during the simulated season, scouting the bowl games, the NFL Draft combine, pro days, private interviews and workouts, and then the HUGE event that the NFL Draft has become, complete with competent AI that offers trades that make sense!

Please make this happen before the PSFive gets here EA!
# 12 khaliib @ 02/25/14 06:44 PM
The 1st thing they need to do before dealing with the Draft aspect is if they're going to continue to use the current rating scale (40-99), they need to make each 1pt weight heavier as well as position specific ratings.

As it stands now, a 1st round player and an a 7th rounder all play the same, whether AI or User controlled.
It is just cosmetic right now outside of the Speed factor.
So many probably just sim through after the 1st/2nd pick.

The other thing, which is major.
Why have Draft presentation if player information is not authentically presented?
How about instead of an (40-99) integer rating :
-40 yrd times (ie 4.45)
-Vertical Jump
-3 cone drill
etc, etc...

-make hand size impact a players ability to catch
-arm length impact OL/DL interaction and/or position ratings
-short QB's should have lower short/medium accuracy ratings because they can't see over the line
# 13 ChirpyMango01 @ 02/25/14 07:28 PM
After the combine, we should be able to see every player's speed and strength. I mean, fans have easy access to every invited prospect's 40 time and bench press, so why am I only capable of scouting 3 or 4 players' exact speeds and strengths after the combine?
# 14 jerwoods @ 02/25/14 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by brianski71
This question is 100% irrelevant until we have NCAA back. Who cares how good the draft is if you can't draft real college players? Sorry, the fake guys just don't do it for me, no matter how well it's implemented.
i agree with u but there is a 1-season band-aid u can use and that is create about 300 college players to add on to the game

and the great thing about that is u can contal the rating's etc
# 15 gamerk2 @ 02/25/14 11:01 PM
Its horrid. I'm working on a "how to fix madden" series, and I've got literally about 8 pages on how the draft should be implemented.
# 16 Lukin4 @ 02/26/14 01:55 AM
Head Coach 09 did it better, which is kind of sad really...
# 17 juduking @ 02/26/14 02:17 AM
It would be pretty cool to see Goodell come up to a podium and call out the first round. Then maybe later in the draft like round four or something have a legend from each team bring out the pick or actually read the pick off of the card. I would be really impressed with that considering what we have now.
# 18 NewscasterNews4 @ 02/26/14 05:38 AM
The thing is that I remember the East-West Shrine Game being in Madden's on the PS2. I also remember pre-draft workouts from the PS2 days as well. Heck, even the draft was more immersive on PS2.

So we know EA can do it, but will they?
# 19 Jakeness23 @ 02/26/14 08:44 AM
Yeah draft logic for AI teams needs to be better. I can barely scout a guy who's projected to go top 10 in the draft and see that he's a bust. The CPU doesn't scout at all and the definitely do not draft for need. I've seen the Jets take QBs 2 straight years after already drafting Geno Smith this past year. They'll stack one position and leave out the rest. BTW, re-signing players is a joke. For one, you have backups asking for more than what the starter makes, and when you do offer players exactly what they want, a lot of them suddenly aren't interested, even if you try to overpay them.
# 20 quehouston @ 02/26/14 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by malky
It should be done like nba2k, now that's a great visual draft for your franchise.
2k has the visual, but its probably the worst draft in all of sports games honestly.

I actually like Madden's draft, with the story lines and twitter feed we just need a better scouting system and the combine.

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