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It's baseball season.

Well sort of. Spring training has begun and games are being played, and MLB 14 The Show is just a few weeks away from launching. What do you look forward to most when you fire up the game for the first time?

Are you more interested in pitching? Hitting? Being an ultimate strategist? Is it none of the above, and are you a fielding type of person? Let us know by voting in the poll to your right on the frontpage and above this post in the forums. Also be sure to let us know what your goal is this year for The Show.

Personally, I'd love to try to pull a triple play this year -- try being the key word. Maybe I'll be like this guy and see an inside the park home run and triple play in the same game?

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# 1 Orange Krush @ 02/28/14 02:15 PM
I haven't owned a baseball game in years, but the thing I used to do when I did play baseball regularly was simulate games and try to build up a franchise. I really loved the aspect of drafting and signing players and upgrading coaching staffs and facilities and what not. That would be what gets me back in to baseball video games.
# 2 AntiBandwagoner @ 02/28/14 02:48 PM
Definitely the management. OOTP is the perfect game for people like me, but on the hitting/pitching I prefer pitching.
# 3 aguero90 @ 02/28/14 02:49 PM
The first thing I do every year when I get the show is get all my settings squared away,then I'll play a quick game to get back into the swing of things. Come on May!!!
# 4 supermanemblem @ 02/28/14 03:25 PM
Pitching for me. I like the mental behind the process to get a batter to swing and miss. Changing speeds, angle of pitches are important to me. There should be a noticeable difference between a 100 mph fast ball, 87 mph change and 85 mph curve.
# 5 H to the Oza @ 02/28/14 04:12 PM
Skip pitching and only focusing on batting
# 6 asu666 @ 02/28/14 04:18 PM
I like Owner/GM options the most. Playing the games is fun too, but I'm usually thinking about the business decisions required to put a winning team on the field and turn a profit while I'm playing.
# 7 HustlinOwl @ 02/28/14 04:39 PM
Online competition, so I guess Managing/strategizing to win games.
# 8 SDwinder @ 02/28/14 05:25 PM
Feel of the game between the lines. The choreography of the action. The ball physics. I'm a player, so the feel of the game matters the most to me. Having played just about every baseball game in the last 30 years going back to Intellivision, The Show has been a great playing game. The Analog pitching is a former pitcher's dream. It truly replicates the thinking and feel of pitching better than any other game before. The fact that the feel is different for every pitcher, is just brilliant! Rhythm becomes a huge factor and getting to know the feel of every pitcher and their various stuff. Very important to take your warm-up pitches, because of this. Analog pitching is the way to truly appreciate The Show. You are missing out if you have not tried it and/or stuck with it. It can be challenging, until you get it.
# 9 RecordBreakerCF @ 02/28/14 07:40 PM
Hitting, just because I dig the longball.
# 10 cream6 @ 02/28/14 10:37 PM
The stadiums
# 11 bukktown @ 02/28/14 11:44 PM
Originally Posted by H to the Oza
Skip pitching and only focusing on batting
Thought I was the only one haha.
I fast forward through pitching and only hit. I care more about the leaderboards than I do the standingd
# 12 Mitchrapp @ 03/01/14 02:46 AM
Nothing gets me more juiced up than seeing a sick defensive play.
# 13 tril @ 03/01/14 06:34 AM
# 14 BSUFAN @ 03/01/14 06:37 AM
Cause I love watching myself round the bases from a no-doubter.
# 15 cubby blue @ 03/01/14 09:35 AM
Seeing the amazing graphics on the PS4 for the first time!!! It already looked excellent on the PS3.

The gameplay is amazing and also all the options.

Just a great game and it's only going to get better..
# 16 cubby blue @ 03/01/14 09:42 AM
I guess I need to learn how to read..LOL The best aspect of the game is definitely the strategy.
# 17 underdog13 @ 03/01/14 10:32 AM
Give me a 6-4-3 inning ending double play
# 18 THESHAMISASHAME @ 03/01/14 11:35 AM
I chose Hitting as I like the challenge though I enjoy Pitching more with most previous games but with the show on Classic pitching its more tedious than enjoyable .
# 19 geisterhome @ 03/02/14 08:22 AM
all of those things plus the presentational elements of games like the show. OTTP on the other hand is a superb managerial game which is enterily focusing on the last 2 points of the poll and also that is enough to keep me playing for hours and days.
# 20 TheJokester117 @ 03/02/14 10:45 AM
Definitely managing the roster and everything. Actually makes me wanna get back into baseball!

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