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The team building/card collecting game modes have now been around for a couple of years -- and they seem to be big time money makers for sports game publishers. However, it remains to be seen if they have attracted the attention of the hardcore sports gamers.

Have you played these modes and, more importantly, have you enjoyed playing them?

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# 1 XXstormmXX @ 03/11/14 02:14 PM
I loathe modes like this, they're unwinnable unless you either spend hours and hours grinding and losing every game because you're outmatched in every way, or spending money to get good players...
# 2 DirtyJerz32 @ 03/11/14 02:16 PM
I've played them, but only once or twice. I just think it's a way for companies to suck more money out of consumers.
# 3 elgreazy1 @ 03/11/14 02:48 PM
I liked the idea a lot but the implementation needed a bit more work. As stated above, grinding to lose gets old quick. For the life of me, I don't know why you can't play against your friends on NCAA14's UT.
# 4 BCDX97 @ 03/11/14 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by XXstormmXX
I loathe modes like this, they're unwinnable unless you either spend hours and hours grinding and losing every game because you're outmatched in every way, or spending money to get good players...
Exactly. Starting with a horrible team is no fun to me. Grinding away slowly is no fun to me. Spending a never ending pit of money doesn't appeal to me. Having EA constantly bugging me about coins annoys me.

This mode could be fun if it wasn't set up to be a major money grab - but sadly the whole thing has been designed around grabbin that cash!
# 5 AntiBandwagoner @ 03/11/14 02:53 PM
They are genius marketing ploys to get in your wallet. These modes are fun, that is until the only way to compete in them is to hand the company all of your cash.
# 6 Cardot @ 03/11/14 03:28 PM
I am an old school offline guy. These modes don't appeal to me. I don't mind that they are in the game as I know alot of people enjoy them, but I hate the fact that they increasingly being shoved in my face with each passing year.
# 7 Stormyhog @ 03/11/14 03:51 PM
I don't play any of the modes except exhibition just not my cup of tea as I get bored with them. I get the enjoyment of playing with different teams amd there actual real life rosters. I have no interest in building fantasy teams or playing as one player. I am strictly an offline player as well.
# 8 LowerWolf @ 03/11/14 03:55 PM
I set up an UT in M25 but never did anything with it. If people enjoy it, I'm fine with it being in the game, but it's not really my thing.
# 9 Jon1323 @ 03/11/14 04:20 PM
Don't care for any of them.
# 10 LingeringRegime @ 03/11/14 04:48 PM
I would like them in FIFA IF they would have all manual setting to play others online.

In fact FIFA needs to cater more to all manual players. I would venture a guess that 95% of people who play the game have no idea that everything they do is assisted.
# 11 Shimoda @ 03/11/14 05:08 PM
I donīt even touch this modes... I would like to see simple features like create a player, export teams and more classic teams instead all this crap...
# 12 sarlndr @ 03/11/14 06:25 PM
Are you into MyTeam, Ultimate Team, etc. Modes?

# 13 cusefan74 @ 03/11/14 06:28 PM
Waste of time imho. I mean, wouldn't the time be better spent adding more to the game itself? I would think so, but whatever. I could never get into that stuff. I tried a few times but it's just not for me.
# 14 ggsimmonds @ 03/11/14 06:50 PM
No, I am a pure offline franchise gamer
# 15 mcpats @ 03/11/14 07:13 PM
These money grab modes kill me...and their success has led developers to try and figure out how they can monetize games even further (see NBA 2k14, VC). I understand the free-to-play model for mobile games and have no issue with it since you know what you're getting into. But buying a $60 console game to me is akin to booking a vacation at an all-inclusive resort...once you pay the fee to get in your wallet should be left alone!
# 16 onac22 @ 03/11/14 08:38 PM
Here is a surprise, Onac doesn't like them.
# 17 armagedn @ 03/11/14 10:47 PM
I played FIFA on my Android tablet a little. Once i realized i needed to pay to win I stopped.

I've set up teams in M25 and NBA2k14 but only play 1-2 games. I don't know anything about soccer so i had no connection to the players. In football & basketball, having random assortment of players play against actual teams weirds me out.
# 18 brent3419 @ 03/12/14 01:28 AM
nope i kinda despise these modes
# 19 @marcusjiles @ 03/12/14 02:30 AM
Hell No. Especially when the other modes are as bare as a baby's bottom (in regards to 2k)
# 20 SmashMan @ 03/12/14 04:45 AM
I'm indifferent to them. I've tried them out and had some fun, but haven't been interested enough to really keep playing the modes beyond that. I'm not opposed to them being a part of games, but I likely won't become any more interested in them.

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