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Yesterday we learned a lot about what Road to the Show mode will be like in MLB 14 The Show.

With plentiful options, we're asking you how you plan to proceed with your Road to the Show career. Are you taking a fictional player? Are you going to start with a current player? Are you going to try both? Neither?

Let us know by voting in the poll above this post in the forums and to the right on the frontpage!

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# 1 Bullit @ 03/18/14 10:42 AM
I always play myself. I usually edit the roster and add my friends and family as well.
# 2 ps3veron @ 03/18/14 11:01 AM
Gonna play as Jeter and given that I am so terrible at RTTS, I will fail miserably. Jeter will fail and so will the Yankees, making way for the Sox and the METS to conquer the East! Muhahahaha!
# 3 aguero90 @ 03/18/14 11:20 AM
I'll play as myself, I'll have to have help creating my player since I'm visually impaired. And I'll def be using broadcast play-by-play!!
# 4 rkocjay @ 03/18/14 11:21 AM
I always make myself as a pitcher but I'm thinking about trying an OF this year can't wait
# 5 GlennN @ 03/18/14 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Bullit
I always play myself. I usually edit the roster and add my friends and family as well.
Yep, me too! That's the beauty of being able to edit rosters and create players.
# 6 BSUFAN @ 03/18/14 11:44 AM
I always create myself but this year I will do an MLB player and myself.
# 7 WaddupCouzin @ 03/18/14 12:37 PM
Nope. I've never bothered with this mode. No interest.

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# 8 Madden's Jowels @ 03/18/14 12:39 PM
I'm pretty sure that you only inherit the traits of the player you choose, you don't actually take over their career.
# 9 Formula1Racing @ 03/18/14 01:37 PM
Love this mode, play it all the time!..Can't wait!!
# 10 rynecandy @ 03/18/14 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by Madden's Jowels
I'm pretty sure that you only inherit the traits of the player you choose, you don't actually take over their career.
I'm wondering if they made this vague on purpose. Even when one of the company guys answered what this meant on another thread, it just made it more confusing. I understand you get the same areas that the MLB player is strong in, just lowered to the point of starting off in the MiLB. So if you pick a power hitter (say 99pwr), he will come in having high numbers in PWR as a MiLB plyer (ie. 70pwr). I don't know if you can keep his image, of course as a drawing, since he would be under a new team/new career timeframe. They just said everything but traits was editable; that's what I understood in the video/answers given.
# 11 jfinger2013 @ 03/18/14 03:25 PM
I always make myself as a 2nd baseman and am thinking of possibly trying my hand at Pitcher this year.
Cubs here I come hopefully as a 1st round pick
# 12 huskerfan4life @ 03/18/14 05:43 PM
I'll be playing as me as I always do but this year I hope I can make it to the bigs
# 13 ahuffman @ 03/18/14 06:29 PM
I always tend to run several RTTS every year with myself playing different positions. I do plan on copying attributes on at least one of them this year, to see how it goes.
# 14 Cowboy008 @ 03/18/14 07:27 PM
Because of the changes made to this mode I plan on trying it out. I will be creating a fictional player.
# 15 moose616 @ 03/18/14 10:59 PM
I plan on making a 1B like a do every year. Except this year, I have no worries about rushing through my seasons. I plan on grinding out my games, knowing that next year I'll be able to continue on '15.

I am a RTTS loyalist and am eagerly looking forward to May 6th.
# 16 willz1985 @ 03/19/14 12:15 PM
create myself on RTTS as always.

I used to like being an outfielder but the camera angle last year made it impossible, if it's the same I'll be a 3B or 2B.
# 17 Pdubya64 @ 03/21/14 11:58 AM
I will try both but mostly stick with fictional. I enjoy coming up with fun themes for players- A Colon-like Latino, a lanky left-handed pitcher named Doc Holliday, a skinny Japanese right-hander, etc.

I tend to play Pitchers and mostly 1B/C or OF positional players as at nearly 50, I stink at the middle infield skills. Not to mention that confusion-rific camera that makes putting your "foot on the bag" a challenge because it follows the ball and spins the view around.

Once in a while I will play myself, but typically find fictional creations to be more of an outlet for fun. Looking forward to April 1st!
# 18 AaeriosGames @ 03/21/14 04:37 PM
Well of course I'm going to create myself.
# 19 allhailben7 @ 03/23/14 05:08 AM
Maybe I'll make myself as a middle infielder once I get into it, but I'll probably mostly do fictional RTTS's. First, I'll continue with my trusty Donovan Riley, a slap-hitting CF who earns his paychecks on the basepaths. Been my favorite 'mini game' in any sports game I've ever played, trying to read the pitcher and get a jump. I try to get to the century mark every year, if I can.
# 20 allhailben7 @ 03/23/14 05:10 AM
Maybe this year I can model him after Billy Hamilton...

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