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NFL teams are moving and shaking via free agency to position themselves for a playoff push in 2014. Most of the priorities revolve around freeing organizations of bad contracts that burden the team salary cap or finding that missing piece at key positions.

In the nation's capital, however, the Redskins are hoping for a different kind of addition this offseason. They just want the return of RGIII to his pre-injury rookie season form.

The former Heisman winner at Baylor has announced that the knee brace is coming off for the upcoming 2014 season -- but will it make a difference? The multiple ligament tears in Griffin III's right knee likely reeled in some of his explosiveness, but time will tell if he returns to his old form without the brace, or if the damage was career altering.

Sound Off: Will RGIII return to his pre-injury form in 2014 or is he damaged goods?

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# 1 elgreazy1 @ 03/19/14 05:04 PM
Probably not.

Based off reports last year, ego had gotten into RGIII's head. It seemed he was more concerned with building his brand than building his game on the field. Also, DC's have had 2 years of game planning for the spread offenses in the NFL. Add into the clarification to the rule last year that the window for hitting a QBs is wider during playaction and options plays, and that essentially negates a large amount of what made him successful his rookie year. No OC is going to put their QB in a position to get hit consistently.

The guy has the tools and the possibly the coaching staff, it's just up to him to put in the work.
# 2 CM Hooe @ 03/19/14 05:25 PM
I hope he does. Even as a Cowboys fan, I say that. He was an exciting player to watch his rookie year.

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