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Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for consoles and Windows® PC and Plug In Digital, announces the official STEAM PRE-ORDER Opening and the Official Demo Version Release of MXGP - The Official Motocross Videogame. This exciting new videogame is based on the official FIM Motocross World Championship and it will be available from 28th March 2014 on PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft and Windows PC®.

Starting from March 21st 2014, clicking on http://store.steampowered.com/app/256370/ you will have the chance to pre-order the Windows PC® Digital Version of MXGP.

But Milestone has some other interesting news! Those who pre-order the game will have access, starting from March 24th, to a special offer: MotoGP™13 (Windows PC® Digital Version) with -70% off for 11,99€/11,99$. MotoGP™13 is the official videogame of one of the most famous brands in sports. The game MotoGP™13 includes all the tracks and riders of the 2013 MotoGP™ season (Moto2™ and Moto3™). MotoGP™13’s remains loyal to the spirit of MotoGP™ in all aspects of the game, from photorealistic graphics to TV style interface, including menus and sounds.

On March 21th 2014 the Official Demo version of MXGP will be also released on STEAM, with the following content. Available tracks: Great Britain – Matterley Basin. Riders: Antonio Cairoli, Clément Desalle and Gautier Paulin. Quick Race: a double race, with no qualification and custom difficulty setting. Players can also have a sneak-peek at the menus and the tutorials. The release date of the home console version of the Demo will be announced later on.

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Member Comments
# 1 TCrouch @ 03/21/14 11:09 AM
I hate you for showing me this game.

Knowing how MUD was, I don't expect this to be good. But it looks so good, I'll still spend money on it day 1. Then be disappointed.

Then I shall hunt you down and kick you in the teeth.
# 2 TCrouch @ 03/21/14 05:24 PM
OK--I got in a few laps at the tail end of my lunch time, and I was very surprised. The bikes didn't float TOO much, but they had a little more bounce than in reality. But using the R stick to dig my weight into the rear tire or forward in a corner was actually really believable.

Heading down a straight, I couldn't just hold back on the R stick, as I popped a wheelie for a good distance. So it's not as simplified as lot of MX games are. The ruts don't seem to be all that realistic, as you can slide right across them and not really dig into them, so I'm not sure if it's just a graphical effect or what.

But what it did do is make me instantly want to buy it. I could lean back and drive off of a corner hard, but screwed myself up with that approach once, and ended up fishtailing back and forth as I tried to accelerate and ended up shooting the bike right out from under me.

I was very, very surprised. If the career is any fun, I'm going to be putting some serious time in this one.
# 3 inkcil @ 03/21/14 06:50 PM
Thanks TC for the impressions. I hope a demo comes to the US or EU psn soon.
# 4 TCrouch @ 03/21/14 07:23 PM
I'm in the US, and I got the demo. So it's definitely stateside.

I only got to turn a couple of laps, but it really felt like a nice balance of realism and playability. I wasn't fond of Mud's 'powerslide everywhere' physics, but greatly enjoyed this one in the limited time I had.
# 5 inkcil @ 03/21/14 09:29 PM
I mean on the psn, not steam. is it on psn already?
# 6 aimiami @ 03/22/14 12:01 AM
Pretty good game. Im not sure how long it will hold my attention though. I feel like a little more polishing wouldve really helped the game but then again its the only company to push a new MX game besides nordic games (mx vs atv)
# 7 [Icy] @ 03/22/14 07:11 AM
Pretty surprised, the separate controls for bike and body make a lot of sense if you have ever ride a Cross Motorbike or even a Bike.

On Pro physics and Realistic difficulty, it's hard enough, on the first races i couldn't do a full lap without falling down.

The only issue I find is that when you fall down, you are up in the bike too fast, in real life you would lose more time after falling down.

The bike setups are too basic, you can tweak a lot of parts of the bike but it's always between three settings.

Overall is a fun mix of arcade and sim.

If the career mode is bugs free it could be a very fun game, starting as an unknown rider with your own bike and trying to climb up the ranks to be offered a bike from the top brands.
# 8 TCrouch @ 03/22/14 12:24 PM
^^^ This.

When I moved it to Pro and tried to compete, I bit it every other corner. After 4 or 5 races I really felt like I was accomplishing something by getting in a zone and winning a race. I'm really looking forward to this.
# 9 hrudey32 @ 03/22/14 09:55 PM
I'll go on record now and say that I think MXGP will be the finest MX game we have ever seen thus far. I dig Reflex and Alive's physics but they lack in authenticity regarding Motocross and Supercross in so many ways that the games are only average to me. I hope the new MVA Supercross game changes all this. As it stands, I think EA's Supercross 2000 and MX Superfly were the best MX/SX title thus far.

Until now. I think Milestone takes the crown with the excellent MXGP. I'm glad I've got a couple of copies already pre-ordered.

Here are MXGP's demos pros and cons.


First and foremost...its just all about MOTOCROSS!!! Nothing else. That is needed in video games. No one else does a MX game only. You can feel the passion in this game.

Complete authenticity! They must have a mega deal with Youthstream because every rider is there. Every bike looks identical right down to Tony Cairoli's last sticker on his bike. Right down to his boots. They have every rider, every replica bike, perfect looking and riding REPLICA TRACKS which is huge, every team, rider's gear is perfect, every last sponsor. The amount of authenticity MXGP has is quite astounding...especially for a small company making only their 2nd MX game. Major props.

Full season points series mode!!! This again is huge!.

Bike tuning

Game speed seems perfect. Not exaggerated. I compared it side by side on 2 monitors with a real MXGP race and it is spot on.

Manual shifting. Nice!

Really nice looking career mode. Detailed.

Full race replays with different cameras for viewing all the race. Very sweet It also has the cool camera feature where you can pause, zoom and take pictures. Very nice.

Great atmosphere. From the track preview to the mechanics area with your mechanic and bike tech guy working on bike down to the little cut scenes and the menu screens and tip screens with all the real riders. Its just freakin nice and bleeds motocross.

Love the presentation so far which is obviously copped (wisely) straight from MXGP-TV. The on screen info is well thought out, useful and unobtrusive. I REALLY like the info on the bottom right hand of the screen such as holeshot, battle for first, and time intervals. This comes straight from the MXGP-TV broadcasts with Paul Mailin. It would be awesome if, in season mode, that they have the season points totals and the "as they run" points totals for the two motos like they do in the broadcasts. another small, nice touch.

You must brake on these tracks and let off the gas a lot. You must ride them like a real track. Slow down in the corners and ride realistically. You can't just pin it wide open all the time. Very well done.

front and rear brakes...nice

Excellent AI that rides smart and doesn't clean you out all the time.

Top tier riders ...Cairoli, Herlings, Paulin....seem to be near the top most of the time which in turn makes the points series make sense. Tom Brady should be at the top of the NFL games. same thing with moto and their elite riders.

Perfect looking REPLICA tracks of the World Motocross Circuit....worth saying again. they did an outstanding job replicating the tracks. Beautifully rendered. Realistic!!

MXGP's rider reflex is pretty good. Physics aren't quite there yet but getting there. It makes a huge difference in your racing. Not so much in the pre-animated scrubs and whips but in carrying momentum and timing jumps and cornering, gaining traction.

Ruts make a difference. You can't over steer or turn too fast or get cross rutted without going down. That is good.

MXGP cons (so far)

Physics are still a bit weak. It is a HUGE improvement over MUD but still. . Sometimes some really weird happen in regards to physics.

Whips and scrubs are just basically an animation so not much control over that. Not that big of a deal to me though as I think people put too much emphasis on those any way

Jumps are too floaty (like all Mx games)

Ready Steady Go starts are one of the worst aspects of the game. takes out the whole timing the gate idea.

Not much terrain deformation that I can see but only running 3 laps on one track so hard to tell.

Bike sounds need improving some. Not bad though.

No clutch...that's weak.

I wish it had an adjustable camera so you could pitch it to the side a bit where can see front wheel. Nice zoom feature though.

That is my two cents. Overall I think I will like MXGP much better than any other MX/SX thus far as it captures to whole atmosphere and feel of the pro MX racing.

Its great to have two new games coming out this year in MXGP and MVA Supercross. And I have much more faith in team Phoenix than I ever did with the old THQ people calling all the shots. Nordic and Team Phoenix will put out a great game, especially given time. I believe that. In the meantime, props to Milestone for really bringing a lot to the table. They still have some work to do on the physics side but they have got every other MX game topped in every other regard in just their second outing.

Can't wait to get the full game. I think MXGP is easily the new King of Motocross!
# 10 Richzilla @ 03/23/14 03:38 AM
Great review.

Where did you end up pre ordering your copy from ??

I was going to order one next weekend after I get back from our annual trip to St Louis for the Supercross
# 11 hrudey32 @ 03/23/14 12:11 PM
Ebay, Rich.
# 12 av7 @ 03/26/14 05:23 AM
Bit late to the demo but I had enough fun despite a few things. I'm really hoping they allow user content, mainly for tracks to keep things fresh and realistic for some. I'll preorder it as they're giving real bikes, real riders, a career mode and a list of real tracks. Its the little things that count, the controller working without any issues in the demo was great for me. The terrain in first person was weird to me but thats easily overlooked. The 2 big things for me that need to be addressed: 1) there needs to be a clutch and a realistic start 2) braking in air does nothing to pitch the front end down just like the real thing.

I saw over on another forum some really cool screens that people took during the replay of their race. Really wish there was a rewind button for the replay as the fast-forward isn't fast enough and you better pause at the right time or you need to restart from the start.

++Just looked at their support Q&A and saw that they will not allow custom tracks
The Official Motocross Videogame is loyal to the license and to all the most famous motocross' championship tracks. That's why it won't be possible to create or share tracks in the game.
# 13 hrudey32 @ 03/26/14 06:03 PM
My physical copies shipped from the UK today. Can't wait!
# 14 ktm @ 03/26/14 06:21 PM
Little confused...are you guys getting it for PC or for a console? Love the looks and would like to find out about a xbox addition for the US. Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!
# 15 hrudey32 @ 03/26/14 07:40 PM
I honestly prefer games on console unless they are ones that can be modded and since MXGP is a licensed game of the real MXGP Milestone has said that modding extra tracks wouldn't be allowed. So I am buying a Xbox 360 copy (in hopes it will work on my US 360...like MUD did) but also buying a PS3 copy as a backup, in case the 360 version doesn't work. I have heard it may be region locked. I pretty much only play motocross games so though it is a lot of money on one title I don't really buy many games at all so its all good.

My PC runs the demo okay but I just don't care for PC games. Mine crashes too often.
# 16 ktm @ 03/26/14 10:21 PM
hrudey thanks for the reply. Same thoughts on consoles. Let me if ur xbox version works because I want the game. Love motocross games and it appears this could be a winner. Assuming I will have to get it via eBay or the like.
# 17 hrudey32 @ 03/27/14 04:50 PM
I'll be glad to guinea pig and see if the Xbox version works for everyone. That way you will know whether to get it or go the PS3 route.
# 18 av7 @ 03/28/14 03:15 PM
Downloaded and started messing around with career mode on PC, no problems so far. PS3 controller inputs and rumble work without any hiccups.

You can really tell that they understand motocross or atleast put time into it. Its the little things that matter, like the timed practice session before the big race in order to get a feel for the track and then having the ability to adjust the bike. Bike models are gorgeous, I can just sit in the pits and admire the bike.

I never was a huge fan of 1st person for any motocross games until MX Simulator and now MX GP is on the list where it feels natural to be in 1st person.

I was really hesitant with the title when I first saw trailers because physics for this type of game isn't an easy task and the rider animations are a bit goofy. But I'm glad to give them money to come back again at some point since what they put out in this game shows that they care and have taken time to cater to a niche rather than the masses

The issue I had in beta with the way the dirt looked in 1st person is gone in the release version, glad to see that.
# 19 av7 @ 03/28/14 05:36 PM
From my first race

I'm not sure how to take screenshots as print screen just turns up all black and I dont see an option via the in-game camera to take a screen of it.
# 20 av7 @ 03/29/14 04:17 AM
I forgot about 2 others from the demo. The camera focus is pretty cool when you have a backdrop like the track


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