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Let's face it, everyone has that one pitch which they just can not hit. This inevitably leads to facing a pitcher with said pitch which just ends in frustration. Last year, I developed a sudden inability to hit big, bending curveballs. Who knows the exact reason why, but at the onset of my time with MLB 13 The Show, curveballs were automatic swings and misses.

This year, I'm sure I'll have a new 'least favorite pitch' to engage with. What about you? What pitch(es) are impossible for you to hit? Which pitchers present you with the most problems?

Sound off with a comment below!

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# 1 RecordBreakerCF @ 03/24/14 03:20 PM
Greg Holland's fastball. This is not a joke. His fastball is simply not very easy to hit, although it's possible to hit.
# 2 godylla @ 03/24/14 03:20 PM
Damn knuckleballs...
# 3 ewig @ 03/24/14 03:23 PM
Sliders down and out of the zone after setup fastballs. Get's me every time, just like Matt Kemp.
# 4 ryanmc564 @ 03/24/14 03:24 PM
EEPHUS!!!, I hate that pitch I stop playing baseball online all because of people abusing that pitch.
# 5 mikeq672 @ 03/24/14 03:24 PM
# 6 JG1986 @ 03/24/14 03:24 PM
I play on a custom view from behind the pitcher that mimics the Minnesota Twins' broadcast. I end up lowering it and zooming in a bit but the most difficult pitch for me to recognize is the low and away slider. Rarely do I end up not chasing that pitch. It breaks so late and I'm left flailing.
# 7 Kobe24MVP @ 03/24/14 03:28 PM
Change up. Looks like a fastball coming out of the hand and i am always early. knuckleball is pretty close too
# 8 bronxbombers21325 @ 03/24/14 03:30 PM
Knuckleballs are such a rare pitch, so I don't feel like I have to worry about those too much. I'm going to say for me, I have a hard time with a change up.
# 9 KMRblue1027 @ 03/24/14 03:30 PM
Well in MLB: The Show, it's knuckleballs by far. With timing hitting I've never put the ball in play, against RA Dicky last year I drew five Walks hit a HR and struck out 22 times.

In real life, I think it's a good change-up IIRC.
# 10 burjeffton @ 03/24/14 03:31 PM
Knuckles are tough. But well-placed sliders can be so defeating.
# 11 ShowTyme15 @ 03/24/14 03:40 PM
Sliders are tough for me. knuckleballs I just bunt to get the pitcher out of his rhythm.
# 12 MrOldboy @ 03/24/14 03:41 PM
Online, in DD its the submarine high 101 mph fastball. If you play at the default hitting view its virtually impossible to judge if its just a bit high out of the zone or not. That little bit makes a difference in a fly out and a HR. You have to guess. Its easy to foul off if you get your PCI all the way up, but it just leads to pop outs.

People give away their tendencies online so even if they have a fleet of submarine flamethrowers they follow the same patterns.

Low change
High Fastball
Low change
High Fastball

Eventually you pick up on it, hit a few HRs and they quit. But they do prey on the more inexperienced players online and that sucks that people have to deal with this instead of just playing an enjoyable game.
# 13 Hilltop @ 03/24/14 03:42 PM
Change-up/circle change-ups down always seem to get me. Especially when the pitcher throws hard (Strasburg, Verlander, etc.)
# 14 baseballsim @ 03/24/14 03:42 PM
Regardless of pitch type I think anything with high velocity that is located high and inside is problematic - for a few innings.
# 15 Majingir @ 03/24/14 03:43 PM
Knuckleball anywhere

And Curveballs/Sliders down and/or outside.

Amount of ugly swings I've had in baseball video game history at the hands of curveball/sliders down and/or outside is sad.

One of the reasons I suggested http://www.operationsports.com/forum...tice-mode.html Because it could help solve the problem of people having trouble with certain pitches and/or certain locations
# 16 Ryan97 @ 03/24/14 03:50 PM
Slider on the outer half last year.

Before it was the 12-6 curve but after making a camera adjustment I started destroying those.
# 17 BSUFAN @ 03/24/14 03:52 PM
Sliders away and a good change up is always tough for me
# 18 KGHerm @ 03/24/14 03:53 PM
Really? After an inning or so, I start to destroy knuckleballs. I don't really hate any specific pitch, but I've found myself striking out constantly against submarine pitchers.
# 19 pj_28 @ 03/24/14 03:53 PM
I never make camera adjustments so that 12-6 curve gets me a lot, but when I face a knuckleball pitcher I might as well just pray they walk me.
# 20 bcruise @ 03/24/14 03:59 PM
Always the out-of-zone high fastball. Can't hit it and can almost never lay off of it.

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