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Today is opening day for Major League Baseball.

Tomorrow is opening day for MLB 14 The Show buyers, who will first get to begin playing the game as baseball fever reaches a fever pitch across the country. And lets face it, unless you live in a latitude where its still snowing, you have to feel pretty good about the arrival of Spring and all that comes with it.

So are you buying The Show on PS3 or Vita tomorrow? Sound off on our poll and let us know your plans in the comments!

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Member Comments
# 1 aukevin @ 03/31/14 11:01 AM
Buying on the Vita to last me until the PS4 version comes out. If someone did a $10 upgrade deal of the PS3 to PS4 version I would do that.
# 2 maltliquor23 @ 03/31/14 11:16 AM
I am tempted as the last one I got was 12 and love RTTS With the upgrades it may be worth it. However I am still enjoying Pro Yakyuu spirits and their career mode as well. The show may be a vita purchase this year. Baseball purchase this year may come from Japan
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 03/31/14 11:17 AM
Nope holding out for PS4
# 4 aguero90 @ 03/31/14 11:23 AM
Have to wait for ps4.
# 5 adayinthelife @ 03/31/14 11:28 AM
Doing my best to hold out for PS4...
# 6 porkys8077 @ 03/31/14 11:30 AM
I'm going for the PS4.
# 7 truzoe @ 03/31/14 11:59 AM
Trying to hold out for ps4. Love sports. Basketball, football. Just trying to fully get into baseball this year!
# 8 VonRye @ 03/31/14 12:04 PM
PS3. Too many bills at the moment to buy a PS4, but I'll buy it for the PS4 once I can afford to upgrade my console.
# 9 rynecandy @ 03/31/14 12:07 PM
I've been playing '13 on the PS3 and not a current PS4 owner, but I will buy the game tomorrow for PS3. I'm going to continue my RTTS, currently in 2019 sason, on Vita. I'm going to wait to get the PS4 version till it hits $45 (usually @ Target) in a month or 2 after release. I'll transfer my RTTS and give away the PS3 version to someone.
# 10 GlennN @ 03/31/14 12:07 PM
Vita. I am a 360 (console) gamer with no present intention to go NG. My Vita is pretty much my main gaming device these days, so I have 14 pre-ordered.
# 11 Cowboy008 @ 03/31/14 12:08 PM
No I'm waiting for the PS4 version
# 12 asu666 @ 03/31/14 12:09 PM
Neither, I'm waiting for PS4. It always takes a while for the roster files anyway.
# 13 Jakeness23 @ 03/31/14 12:15 PM
Getting it for PS3, already have the PS4 version pre-order paid off. So when it comes out I'm going to trade the PS3 version in towards my Watch Dogs pre-order. Couldn't stand waiting another month so figured I'd get my franchise and RTTS started. Gotta love cross-platform saving.
# 14 esdot404 @ 03/31/14 12:27 PM
Waiting for PS4 version
# 15 xNobleEaglex @ 03/31/14 12:49 PM
Actually holding out on all this year, partly because I'm still enjoying MLB 13 the Show so much still. MLB 14 the Show looks like a great game as usual, but giving the Dev team one more development cycle on PS4 before buying a PS4 and MLB 15 the Show next year. Also hoping that will give Sony the time to release a PS4 with a bigger hard drive, or drop the price.
# 16 burjeffton @ 03/31/14 12:50 PM
All in on PS4.
# 17 jtott @ 03/31/14 12:51 PM
I will be buying the Vita version today.... mainly so that I can cross play when I get the ps4 in May. Base on impressions that Ive read so far.. the vita has changed all that much from last year... so that alone is a little disappointing. The seller's ng point for me is being able to cross play between the 3 systems each year going foward.... not having to restart a new franchise or rtts when a new game comes out.
# 18 Thrash13 @ 03/31/14 01:32 PM
I'll be waiting for the PS4 version. That will give me a little time to go through a couple other games first, so it works out well for me. I'm excited to start seeing more PS4 stuff in the coming weeks.
# 19 JPG619 @ 03/31/14 01:38 PM
I am getting it on PS4 and Vita, might get the PS3 version but not sure yet so I might own all 3.

I for sure need my baseball fix for the bus ride to work so vita for sure and PS4
# 20 tolly444 @ 03/31/14 01:50 PM
I am waiting for the PS4 version,

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