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MLB 14 The Show released today on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Now that you have had a chance to play the game, what are your overall first impressions of this year's title?

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# 1 Lovesports @ 04/01/14 01:26 PM
Pitch count is a game changer! Game plays well, and I like the new camera after hits
# 2 soonermagic88 @ 04/01/14 01:31 PM
I want to know who voted bad AND what the reasoning was....
# 3 taylor89 @ 04/01/14 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by soonermagic88
I want to know who voted bad AND what the reasoning was....
Probably somebody who is a fan of the mlb 2k series.
# 4 MDgolf @ 04/01/14 01:41 PM
can't wait for ps4!
# 5 Gjordan @ 04/01/14 02:03 PM
Bad my foot! Nothing bad about this series.
# 6 The Wolf @ 04/01/14 03:06 PM
Good but not great. Confusing UI/menus. The quick count mode is a big improvement.
# 7 rkocjay @ 04/01/14 03:13 PM
Just need the roster update next week my only issue but this game is great
# 8 klique11 @ 04/01/14 03:22 PM
Where's rivalry mode?
# 9 NUH_UHHHHHHHHHHH @ 04/01/14 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by taylor89
Probably somebody who is a fan of the mlb 2k series.
someone waiting for the bigs 3
# 10 Peter_OS @ 04/01/14 03:56 PM
How do we enable the quick pitch count feature?

I don't see it anywhere in the options menu.
# 11 Bat @ 04/01/14 04:13 PM
The new dynamic cams are awesome.
# 12 Bat @ 04/01/14 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Peter_OS
How do we enable the quick pitch count feature?

I don't see it anywhere in the options menu.
When you start a game a pop up asks if you want quick counts. Same with weather.
# 13 sportsuiguy @ 04/01/14 05:48 PM
Couldn't wait for the PS4, downloaded the PS3 today. Such a solid, solid game. Quick Counts is an amazing addition to the game.
# 14 beast780 @ 04/01/14 09:03 PM
The quick count is great, however it makes stealing and sacrifice/drag bunting sucky when you start with 2 strikes.
# 15 CaseIH @ 04/01/14 10:22 PM
I have played 3 games, and I love the QC's. This was something i have wanted for a few years now. Im probably 1 of the few that is like this, but I am OCD about not wanting to skip thru sequences, so my game would last about as long sometime I htink longer than real games. The QC has made a huge difference, and now should be able to get thru several years of Franchise even before next years game comes out even.

I thought they said last year they had the PS3 maxed out, so I wasnt expecting it to look any different or even play any different than last years version, but the game looks crisper, things just seem to stand out more, and the overall game feels smoother and more polished, throwing animations seem smother than ever.

I did notice a couple times the game had a hang in it and made me thing it froze, once during a pitch, and the other I think inbetween the next batter up.
Also its taken forever to get into the vault, and it makes you think the game has froze up, it can take close to 5 mintues before anything pops up in the vault.

Those 2 things I mentioned really need fixed ASAP, but overall have to say another great game put out by these devs.
# 16 BravoSir @ 04/02/14 05:23 AM
I think there should be an option to press a button when a batter's coming up to the plate to disable quick counts for that one at-bat. It definitely makes stealing and bunting really hard.
# 17 RecordBreakerCF @ 04/02/14 05:35 AM
Makes sense to me.
# 18 RecordBreakerCF @ 04/02/14 05:37 AM
This game is great as advertised! I really loved the showcase addition.
# 19 klique11 @ 04/02/14 05:49 AM
What's up with all the incorrect facial hair on the O's? Adam Jones and Chris Davis both have a full beard, JJ Hardy has a mustache, which are all inaccurate.
# 20 jaredsmith83 @ 04/02/14 06:22 AM
I wasn't a fan of last year's game, but this year makes up for it and beyond. Quick Counts are awesome, even though I haven't put a lot of time into my Franchise yet. I did get rolling on RTTS. I'm glad it wasn't neglected and it feels refreshed compared to the last few years. And knowing that I can carry over my RTTS to next year's game is great. That is the main reason I buy the game and its nice to know that they haven't dedicated all of their time to online modes like most other games have been. My hats off!

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