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When it comes to Sunday afternoon, few things help me execute a successful nap like soft commentary over a televised PGA event.

About a decade ago I can remember things being a little different. I wasn't inspired to go buy a new set of golf clubs and join my local country club, but the dominance of Tiger Woods and his legendary pace were as exciting as golf could get. And then pride got the best of Mr. Woods.

As Tiger has tried to rebuild his character and golf game, however, his skill and physical ailments have buffered his resurgence to the level of his prime years. Woods has played at a top level, but nothing like we were once accustomed to. Those looking forward to another Tiger fist-pump at the Masters will have to wait at least another year as surgery to repair a pinched nerve will sideline Woods for several weeks.

Tiger's fall from grace showed that golf's viewership was only as strong as it's most prominent member. Without his success, TMZ was getting the ratings instead of the PGA on CBS. Another setback for Tiger likely means another round of dying interest for the game of golf.

Sound Off: What words best describe your interest in the PGA over the past ten years?

Sports Headlines for April 2, 2014

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