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Check out the latest MLB 14 The Show video as Nick Livingston goes over the brand new Community Challenges mode. You can see some of these Community Challenges at The Show Nation, as well as the Challenge of the Week.

What are Community Challenges?
  • Challenges are usually bite-size game sessions that put you in specific game situations and ask you to accomplish specific statistical goals, but they could be normal length games or even marathons if thatís what the creator wants.
  • Community Challenges give gamers the very same tool used by the devs to create challenges.
  • With Community Challenges, MLB The Show is the first sports offering with an in-game content creation system that compensates gamers for their creations. When others play your content, you are rewarded Stubs (a universal in-game currency redeemable for all other mode currencies).
  • Custom rosters can be bundled with challenges, allowing users to utilize community made rosters in the challenges they make.
  • Each Challenge has its own intimate leaderboard that crowns a winner every week and rewards them with stubs that have accrued in that week.

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 04/02/14 06:36 PM
unlimited variables you can create
# 2 ShowTyme15 @ 04/02/14 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
unlimited variables you can create
Looks that way. I like how you can earn stubs points from someone just trying your challenge.
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 04/02/14 06:44 PM
# 4 og236 @ 04/02/14 07:00 PM
Looks like a lot of fun

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# 5 Ghost Of The Year @ 04/05/14 11:22 AM
Very addictive. I spent all morning playing different peoples challenges.
I tried to prove & publish a walk off walk with a generated 0-2 count but so far no dice. Will keep trying but it's tough since you cannot swing
# 6 Perfect Zero @ 04/05/14 12:30 PM
So if I got the video straight, we can have custom rosters for these challenges? I guess that means it would prompt people to download a roster before starting if they didn't already have the roster saved. Interesting...

I gave my PS3 to a friend's son (who loves Baseball, so it's all good to me), so I'll have to wait until next month. However, just think of the challenges you could make with this. I'm interested all right.

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