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Believe it or not, the uniforms we all take for granted actually take a serious amount of work to get just right. Check out Owen Good's latest article over at Polygon to get the full scoop:

"You wouldn't think it, but the uniform files in MLB The Show are really quite large, said Jody Kelsey, the game's senior producer. "It's technically possible to patch them in," after the game releases, "but the size of them deters us from doing that."

The size of them is also why, for the supporting cast of 60 minor league teams which most players encounter in a career mode where they can't choose what they wear each game just the home and away uniforms are rendered. No ugly Christmas sweater promotions, no R2-D2 jerseys and, alas, no bacon."

How important are uniforms to you in sports games?

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# 1 rynecandy @ 04/03/14 03:36 PM
Next year add the ability to wear multiple styles on the field at once....just ask Cubs' Junior Lake.
# 2 elgreazy1 @ 04/03/14 04:43 PM
Nice read. Hopefully, people on here will be more understanding before raging over lack of uniforms - probably not.
# 3 strawberryshortcake @ 04/03/14 04:51 PM
Having massive resources, details and textures for sports uniform is great, but my main concern has always been fit.

As a fan of MLB the Show, its a great looking game, nice lighting. But one of my biggest concern has always been the fit around the shoulder area--the shoulders loses its "roundness" or "fullness" whenever the player would move his arms towards the center of the body. Seemingly as if the player loses supporting musculature and skeletal tissue. Yes, the shape changes in real life but not to the extent that I've seen represented in the show. Hoping for truly better models in upcoming future installments.
# 4 Iceman87GT @ 04/03/14 08:42 PM
I can understand the problems with patching them in, what is frustrating is when uniforms that have been worn in previous seasons (often on multiple occasions) aren't in the next year's game. I get not being able to patch them in for X year but they should still make it into the game for Y year and if for whatever reason they don't make it in then, they should be in in Z year.
# 5 DeuceDouglas @ 04/03/14 10:58 PM
It just seems like a total shame that despite the fact that they talk about all the time it takes to build and complete the uniforms correctly, that they are still so far off despite all the time that is put into them. I mean, just in the lead picture for the article there is inaccuracies with just about every major part of the uniform showing. No nameplate, incorrect stripe proportions, incorrect name font, incorrect number font/proportions, arching issues. How can so much time be put into the uniforms in the entire cycle and yet so many obvious things are off? But one thing that is extremely noticeable is the stitching on the numbers and letters which is something that is hardly noticeable when looking at your average photo. I think maybe if they worried a little bit more about the accuracy of things to just the naked eye and less about the things you see under a super powered microscope, things would be better on a whole.
# 6 rays1118 @ 04/04/14 02:48 AM
this is no excuse for getting a teams uniform completely wrong. look at NBA 2k. they actually add in jerseys for teams on Christmas day and such events. you are telling me SCEA cant get the Color scheme right? or I don't know, use their actual jerseys that they wear for home games instead of using a jersey they used one time for a 80's throwback game because they weren't around back then? (talking about Tampa Bay Rays). WE ARE IN NEXT GEN GUYS. things aren't as limited as they were before.
# 7 BSchwartz07 @ 04/04/14 08:07 AM
I'd buy the excuse a little better if EA and 2K didn't have the ability to put twice the uniforms in their games than we see in the show. While tons of alternates are fun, I'd love to see patches for post season, and an all-star game where players wear their own team's uni.
# 8 twinsfan34 @ 04/04/14 09:15 PM
Always amazed by the visual/graphics side of MLB The Show.

I'd love more of the year to year stats, player cards, awards tracking, and a list/ranking of players in each stat category.

Loved the new Quick Counts feature. Not a fan of them putting so much stock into the Franchise Mode online. It's just such a big beast. RTTS and some challenges make sense - quicker, easier.

But Graphics? Even the commentary, never been even the slightest issue for me. Just amazed to get what we get.

But the stats...pretty simple stuff...just find it a little tough how little record keeping it has, especially compared to other sports. This is baseball...the most historic game known to man. We have stats in those sports with great accuracy for over 100 hears. NFL...NBA...maybe 60 years at most.

Someone up there is right...graphics, etc...developer stuff...difficult stuff. So just thankful we get the game as is...but the simple stuff...aka the stats.
# 9 ericromain @ 04/06/14 09:30 PM
Uniforms are kind of an obsession of mine, so a game must (at minimum) get the primaries and alts looking accurate. I like the throwbacks a lot. It's a great way to nod to the sports history, and allows me to represent my favorite look and era. I get nervous with games updating for next gen because it's a huge excuse to dumb all the retro designs.
# 10 johnnyg83 @ 04/07/14 12:53 PM
I'm obsessed with jerseys too. And I sympathize with some of what they report, but there's a lot they can be doing to adjust to their situation.

One of them should be using analytics to track what uniforms are being used. I never use the WhiteSox 1917 jerseys. Frankly I never use pre-1930 unis for anyone. I may be in the minority but why not track this.

Because if file size is an issue, maybe they should make choices based on what is actually being used than saying there's a limit to what they can do. Or if I could delete uniforms I don't like to open slots for new ones ...

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