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We are a week into the MLB 14 The Show season, and most of you have now fully settled into the game mode(s) you will likely be playing throughout much of the game's life-cycle.

What have you settled in to? Franchise? Online Franchise? Road to the Show? Postseason Mode? Diamond Dynasty? Something else?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what you are playing!

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# 1 asu666 @ 04/09/14 10:53 AM
Other - Waiting for May 6 mode

Franchise is the mode I plan to play.
# 2 fnz21 @ 04/09/14 10:54 AM
I won't even touch Franchise mode until the OSFM rosters are finished. The mode just seems empty without it. So I've been playing a lot of RTTS and Playoff Mode (with last year's teams).
# 3 BSUFAN @ 04/09/14 11:16 AM
RTTS is the best IMO , its all I play. I really enjoy making different players and moving them through their careers.
# 4 trainerdave @ 04/09/14 11:33 AM
RTTS is what made me buy a PS3 years ago. Absolutely love that mode. I would like to get involved in a online franhise or diamond dynasty with a good group of people, but I'm affraid I woudln't have enough time to play my games.
# 5 robtarded @ 04/09/14 12:42 PM
Waiting for the OSFM to be released. Otherwise some RTTS and Mini Modes.
# 6 Benz87 @ 04/09/14 02:08 PM
RTTS until OSFM drops, then mainly franchise. Definitely loving RTTS this year, the changes bring some well needed freshness to it.
# 7 maltliquor23 @ 04/09/14 02:56 PM
Other waiting for OSFM for release to start franchise or rtts
# 8 Ghost Of The Year @ 04/09/14 04:44 PM
Community challenge mostly and a healthy dose of Play Now too. When a good classic roster becomes available I'll play a lot of either franchise or online franchise. I haven't had time to dig into RTTS yet, but the Spring, she's still young lol
# 9 Dwenny @ 04/09/14 07:05 PM
When May 6th comes, franchise mode.
# 10 Ballgame59 @ 04/09/14 08:51 PM
Seasons with fantasy rosters.
# 11 daddies3angels @ 04/09/14 10:53 PM
playing franchise mode right now. Once May 6th comes il be doing alot more of the RTTS.
# 12 soonermagic88 @ 04/10/14 09:08 AM
As someone else said, Waiting-Till-May-6th Mode.
When that day comes, i suspect i will be "sick" and be forced to recover at home with MLB the show 14 franchise therapy.
# 13 GerryH3 @ 04/10/14 09:18 AM
RTTS on PS3 at the moment, then Franchise on PS4 come May.
# 14 jfinger2013 @ 04/10/14 01:06 PM
Waiting for May to come PS4 promblems
# 15 thunder09 @ 04/10/14 01:43 PM
Road to the Show. Waiting for the OSFM rosters to come out before I start playing a franchise.
# 16 kunner @ 04/11/14 01:14 PM
its a little bit of both RTTS and season mode, just to get a feel for both until OSFM comes out, then like the majority here, its all franchise

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