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The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil demo has launched and after playing through a few matchups, here are some impressions of the demo:
  • The atmosphere is a definitely good thing. World Cup games have always had ‘it’ and this edition is no different. Everything from the menus to the in-game presentation is top-notch as you’d expect.
  • The gameplay is definitely faster than FIFA 14. This is probably because a more casual audience is going to inevitably play World Cup 14 — so the game is being made more accessible to the casual soccer fan. With that said, if you loved the momentum and such from FIFA 14 you are probably not going to like the dialing back of it in World Cup.
  • The set-piece tactics are actually a huge addition to the game. Being able to have real decisions to make when a corner or free kick comes about makes all of the difference in the world in taking this aspect of the game from rudimentary to actually somewhat exciting.
  • The new ball physics and responses from players make this game feel like almost a yearly release from last year’s FIFA. Seriously there are some real and present differences here with players more responsive to controls than in FIFA 14.
  • The headers are much better than in the current-gen versions of FIFA 14. You can tell next-gen technology was brought into World Cup just on this alone.
  • To me at least, goalkeepers seem to be a bit better than in FIFA Soccer 14.
  • I rolled my eyes initially at the Adidas’ Ball Physics, thinking it was a set of minor tweaks to make the game seem ‘different.’ However, after playing through the demo, I actually think I like how the ball behaves in World Cup current gen vs. FIFA next-gen. It’s a small difference, but the ball actually feels like a ball should feel as it rolls and flies around the pitch.
  • Overall, the game seems to be geared more towards accessibility and fun rather than simulation realism. This isn't a shock, but some will be put off from buying the game because of that, even though some aspects of the game actually might be at their best levels yet on the current-gen consoles.
What are your impressions of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil from the demo?

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my impressions : old gen

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