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With R.B.I. Baseball 14's release this week, many gamers have been thrown back into a nostalgic frenzy while playing MLB's first foray into console gaming.

After a few days since R.B.I.'s release on old-gen consoles, what do you think about the game at this point? Be sure to vote in our poll and leave a comment about your overall impressions below!

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# 1 Eski33 @ 04/11/14 06:10 PM
It plays like classic RBI with updated visuals. Those that didn't play the original will not appreciate it. I think it is extremely fun. However, $20 is way too steep. I will wait for a price drop. $9.99 is more reasonable.
# 2 ricky24 @ 04/11/14 06:14 PM
I don't get how adding stats makes the game worth more. I played a few demo games on 360. It was fun. There was a couple times where line shots were hit and I couldn't even see my outfielders. It was like the camera couldn't move quick enough and the ball beat it to the outfield. It was fun enough for me to purchase when it drops for the one.
# 3 Herschie @ 04/11/14 06:27 PM
I like this game. Good decision not to make it realistic, the market already has such a game in The Show. Games go by in a flash, and the gameplay is so simple that my technologically impaired mother could play this. It's fun, there's not much thinking to do, and for twenty bucks, what do you have to lose?
# 4 SOBAY310 @ 04/13/14 01:38 AM
I got this for the PS3. I must admit, I was giddy playing the first game. It was refreshing just to play a simple game of baseball. Yes, I love the sim that a game like The Show brings, but being able to play 9 innings in 20 minutes with the simple gameplay that RBI brings back to the table was refreshing.

I dove right into a full 162 game season and I'm 4-3. I do like how it keeps all your stats so you can see how you rank against others, but I too would like to have seen cumulative player stats during the season as well. I actually considered breaking out the 'ol notepad and jotting down stats like I did back in the day, but refrained from doing so.

As others are saying, I think this has great potential. I'm sure most of the negative reviews are coming from those who just don't get it. They don't understand the intention of this game. I hope we see more games like this.

My 9-year-old daughter was even able to jump right in and get a couple games in against me. Once I realized the exhibition games don't count towards your stats, I started to let her win...haha!
# 5 AaeriosGames @ 04/13/14 03:44 AM
It seems like people have misconstrued the meaning OF RBI Baseball. This game is intended to be a whimsical, non-simulation style baseball game. Please, don't take this game series and you'll have a great time playing.
# 6 Scribe1980 @ 04/13/14 11:34 AM
Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

It is also severely overrated.
# 7 ricky24 @ 04/13/14 02:12 PM
This game is fun. If you were expecting more (which you shouldn't have been) then you will probably be disappointed. If a review I'm reading about this game even mentions stats I immediately disregard it. My only complaint right now is no online play.
# 8 juduking @ 04/15/14 05:09 PM
Its like comparing NBA 2k14 next gen to NBA Live 14 in my opinion. I have both for XB1 and while live has redeeming qualities the game is just too much of a mess for me. I need control over what I'm doing. Its the same with the RBI and the Show. Its nice to have an option for guys who cant pick up the Show, but if you're a big time baseball guy, you most likely will buy both anyways and get the best redeeming qualities both baseball titles have this year.

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