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Instant replay is great for several reasons, in theory. In practice, however, it hasn't quite measured up for Major League Baseball.

Did we expect anything less? Granted it's still early on and hiccups are bound to happen, but remember we are talking about a sport that went into this thing with cold feet. The MLB wants to look progressive while still holding on to their 'good ole days' routine. How else do you describe a footnote that disqualifies the "neighborhood" play as reviewable at second base?

So here we are. Not only have we had replay gaffes on the calls themselves, but more importantly the system has shown serious weaknesses. Seriously, how does the MLB explain not having the same camera angles that are available on television broadcasts? Where are they getting their video feeds from? Analog antenna signals?

Sound Off: Will the MLB's replay system continue to flounder or do you see this as typical growing pains for new technology?

Sports Headlines for April 14, 2014

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