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It's about to be time for both the NBA Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Playoffs to both be running side-by-side. As a sports fan, this is a time of the year where your attention is seemingly divided in several different directions, and we haven't even begun to talk about the NFL draft.

Which playoffs do you prefer during the Spring? Is it the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs or the NBA Playoffs?

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# 1 Dwenny @ 04/16/14 11:08 AM
Seems to me that every year in the NHL, a lower seed advances more readily than in the NBA. More excitement for me anyway.
# 2 ghettofocker @ 04/16/14 11:26 AM
NFL..... Win or Go Home!
# 3 Majingir @ 04/16/14 11:30 AM
I'd say Stanley Cup. Intensity level is so much higher during it, and really anyone can have a shot at winning. In NBA, everyone is just like "It's guarantee Pacers or Heat are in finals for east".

NHL really feels special with the series and the crowds and stuff. Not to mention playoff beards lol
# 4 scottyp180 @ 04/16/14 11:30 AM
Nhl by far. Much more unpredictable and series are typically way more exciting. Half of the nba is a joke, the east. They might as well skip to the east finals because I dont see anyone upsetting the heat or pacers. The west coast however could be interesting. A lot of capable teams and while there are favorites (spurs and thunder) you can't sleep thh clippers and lower seeds.
# 5 scottyp180 @ 04/16/14 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Majingir
I'd say Stanley Cup. Intensity level is so much higher during it, and really anyone can have a shot at winning. In NBA, everyone is just like "It's guarantee Pacers or Heat are in finals for east".

NHL really feels special with the series and the crowds and stuff. Not to mention playoff beards lol
Hit the nail on the head with "everyone has a chance" there are no guarantees in the nhl playoffs. Look at the bruins vs red wings matchup in the east. Bruins have the best record in the league but this is a scary matchup for bruins fans. I'm from boston but it would not surprise me if the red wings took the series.

I have always been a basketball fan but over the past 4 years or so the stanley cup playoffs have sucked me in. Almost every game is exciting. Basketball often has blowout games and series which takes away from the tension.
# 6 SVCbearcat10 @ 04/16/14 12:10 PM
NHL for sure. They may have the best playoffs overall. Nothing more exciting then peppering the opponents goalie with an empty net in the final 2 minutes to try to extend the series. It's constant action that doesn't take too many stoppages like basketball does with fouls.
# 7 NewscasterNews4 @ 04/16/14 12:14 PM
NBA for me. I'm more of a basketball fan than hockey fan. I know that the Heat are going to win yet again, but I just like the game of basketball in general more than hockey.
# 8 Rhouston @ 04/16/14 12:47 PM
NHL, and it's not even close...
# 9 13whitebread @ 04/16/14 01:11 PM
Truly their is nothing like game 7 sudden death in overtime in NHL playoffs!
# 10 elgreazy1 @ 04/16/14 02:23 PM
NHL and I'm not a regular follower of either sport. I do know, when channel surfing, those NHL games really grab my attention; you can really sense the desperation and aggressiveness out there where as basketball feels too passive.
# 11 AntiBandwagoner @ 04/16/14 03:21 PM
I am both pleased and surprised by the fact that the NHL playoffs were the clear winner. Nice to see that OS doesn't only include closed-minded sports fans who only watch the NFL and the NBA.
# 12 garyjr33 @ 04/16/14 03:29 PM
NHL...it is not even a competition.
# 13 adayinthelife @ 04/16/14 03:43 PM
NHL for sure. It's a grind, and really seems to bring out the best parts of the sport. Easily the game at it's finest, without all the bull****.

The only downside is how long they go on for, but personally I'd be all for trimming the regular season to 62 games and keeping the playoff format the same.
# 14 mo2119 @ 04/16/14 05:50 PM

Huge difference in intensity between playoffs and regular season throughout every game. Love that everyone finishes their checks. Also, I love playoff overtime; makes me so nervous.

You could easily mistake a NBA playoff game with a NBA regular season game if you didn't know the playoffs were on.

I regularly watch NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. Nothing beats the intensity of the NHL playoffs.
# 15 Bat @ 04/16/14 05:59 PM
I won't watch the NBA till the Sonics come back.
# 16 thegame19991999 @ 04/16/14 07:16 PM
Everything is written out anyway.

# 17 bukktown @ 04/16/14 07:38 PM
I will take the first 2 rounds of the NHL playoffs and the last 2 rounds of the NBA playoffs
# 18 Scribe1980 @ 04/16/14 07:47 PM
No contest. NHL by a mile.
# 19 @legendm0de @ 04/16/14 08:47 PM
NHL between the two, NBA playoffs rounds are so skippable almost every year. Not because I don't understand or enjoy the game, I'm an avid basketball watcher. The #1 problem with NBA playoffs at times are so many teams qualify for playoffs that shouldn't be in, creating meaningless playoff series far too often, which is bad for the league..

This is not to say that the stanley cup playoffs are perfect. But inherently they are all usually highly competitive encounters just because of the nature of the game. Which wins over fans, like a march madness tournament, that wins over fans who don't even know college basketball.

However stanley cup playoff results don't always represent who the best team(s) in the NHL have been all season, which the NHL admins should to work on that just a little bit.

I have a personal flavor for the MLB playoffs, because it is very rewarding system, when these teams grind a marathon out all summer, and the stage is all set for them to earn in a 4 team playoff for all the glory. It is plausible to rank that playoff system ahead of the NHL, if you get into it.

But the best playoff, in all of sports, is NFL
# 20 NEBULUZZ @ 04/16/14 09:06 PM
Nothing more intense than an OT game in the Stanley Cup playoffs.......typed this while watching the Habs- 'Ning OT game

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