MLB 14 The Show News Post

We now have a full and official trailer for MLB 14 The Show on PlayStation 4. On top of that we posted hands-on impressions from the game last week.

Given what you know now, how excited are you about the PS4 edition of MLB 14 The Show? Are you buying? Not buying?

Give us reasons in the comments and vote in our poll!

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Game: MLB 14 The ShowReader Score: 8.5/10 - Vote Now
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Member Comments
# 1 allgames @ 04/17/14 03:51 PM
where is the poll?
# 2 mbergh22 @ 04/17/14 03:58 PM
Renting the ps3 version until it comes out on ps4. Already putting my preorder in.
# 3 tril @ 04/17/14 04:05 PM
gameplay has always been soild.
so its all about the next gen graphics, new animations, and nothing more.
# 4 HustlinOwl @ 04/17/14 04:11 PM
Day One purchase, praying for a solid online launch unlike the PS3. Now that PS Plus is required to play online.
# 5 ty5oke @ 04/17/14 04:14 PM
Excited to see and play the game. Without much changes to franchise, I'm guessing I will be bored of it again within a month.
# 6 LowerWolf @ 04/17/14 04:25 PM
It's only THE game I've been looking forward to since purchasing my PS4 last November.
# 7 SDwinder @ 04/17/14 04:45 PM
This franchise is why I bought a PS3, and it's why I bought my PS4....without hesitation on release day. Well The Show and Battlefield 4, to be honest.
# 8 XBeEAZYY @ 04/17/14 04:50 PM
Being stuck with the MLB 2k baseball series for the past 4 years, I purchased a PS4 just for The Show! Counting down the days!!
# 9 CbAgGa @ 04/17/14 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by XBeEAZYY
Being stuck with the MLB 2k baseball series for the past 4 years, I purchased a PS4 just for The Show! Counting down the days!!
I am purchasing the PS4 just for the show..... Looks amazing on next gen and have deprived myself of the best Baseball game on the planet after playin 2K being a Xbox guy!!! and w RBI being my only choice im lookin forward 2 playing the hype instead of just hearing about it!!!
# 10 Dwenny @ 04/17/14 05:10 PM
Bought PS4, day one, to get MLB 14 the Show, day one. After all the pics and vids I've seen, I can't wait to get a hold of it.
# 11 Ghost Of The Year @ 04/17/14 05:20 PM
I bought a ps4 just for the show but I also went ahead and bought the ps3 show 14 too and will play both versions until SOTS is as readily available to use on the ps4 as it is the ps3.
# 12 SavoyPrime @ 04/17/14 05:27 PM
I'll be getting it for sure!
# 13 trey2k198003 @ 04/17/14 05:33 PM
yup day one counting down the days im off work that day too!!!!! and the show pretty much made my decision for me to get a PS4
# 14 aguero90 @ 04/17/14 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by LowerWolf
It's only THE game I've been looking forward to since purchasing my PS4 last November.
Same here!!
# 15 Cowboy008 @ 04/17/14 07:19 PM
Already have it paid off
# 16 bukktown @ 04/17/14 11:25 PM
I'm more excited for MLB 15 since I feel like I already know what I am gonna get with 14. But I didn't buy the ps3 version for the first time since I bought a ps3 in 2008 because I am going to buy the ps4 version.
# 17 MelMan1486 @ 04/18/14 12:14 AM
Yes..... Was going to keep it short and sweet but it said I needed 10 characters.
# 18 Moegames @ 04/18/14 12:47 AM
Man guys....im so stoked and hyped for the PS4 version and i feel like a excited little kid again and here i am in my later 30's lol

Yeah im very pumped to play a next-gen MLB The Show on my PS4. Gosh im so glad i went with PS4 this time around. I had been one of the most loyal of the loyalist xbox gamers but knowing that there would be no baseball on xbox one...and of course the turnaround Sony did with its insights towards their playstation console (Thanks you Cerny!) ...i had made the jump back to PS for this new generation and so far im loving it.

Very excited to get playing. I already joined a league that Ryan LaFalce is managing so im looking forward to that as well..hopefully i'll get some good practice in before the league starts.

I already paid-in-full for the game at Gamestop, so thats out of the way. Now just waiting period. I cannot believe some people in certain area's still cant find a PS4 lol...my goodness
# 19 BSUFAN @ 04/18/14 06:56 AM
I had been an PS1 &2 fan for years, then I got the Xbox originally because I didn't want to use memory cards. Then when the next round of new gen consoles came out I got the Xbox 360. I really like baseball but the games on the Xbox had seemed inferior and I had played 2K which was okay but not what I was looking for. I had seen clips of the Show before and in the back of my mind saying I want to play that, so finally I bought PS3 just for the Show. But when this next gen consoles were going to be available it was no brainer that PS4 was going to be the console to have plus the Show is going to be the " flagship of sports games " to have and play. So basically I bought the PS4 for The Show.
# 20 redsox04 @ 04/18/14 08:11 AM
Definitely getting it, been waiting since November for this game. Not patiently either lol.

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