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The Major League Baseball season is an excruciatingly long, brutal 162 games.

Over the course of a season, injuries will mount, players will tire, and your team will go through peaks and valleys on your way to September's end point. When you build a team in MLB The Show, which of these four aspects do you focus on most to create success: A great nine-man lineup, your five man rotation, a deep and talented bullpen, or your overall depth to withstand any nasty injury surprises?

Which do you think is most important to focus on and why? Sound off by voting in our poll and leaving a comment on how you focus on building your team below!

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# 1 HozAndMoose @ 04/21/14 03:22 PM
Mix of rotation and bullpen. If your the other team cant score they cant win. Last year when the Royals scored 4 runs or more they were 65-13.
# 2 Raveneff @ 04/21/14 03:32 PM
I agree. You really need a quality rotation, at least 3 decent SP, and a solid bullpen to have any hope.
# 3 Lovesports @ 04/21/14 03:37 PM
Starting rotation and a lineup that can score. I've seen plenty of teams win with mediocre bullpens but they had at least 3 solid pitchers and good hitters.
# 4 jaredsmith83 @ 04/21/14 03:48 PM
Definitely starters. As a Cardinals fan, there's been MANY a game where we've been bailed out by Waino pitching a 2 hit shut out and we were having an off night at the plate. Having a hot starter goes much further in my opinion.
# 5 jmik58 @ 04/21/14 04:31 PM
The most successful attempts I've had at Franchise mode have always been due to a focus on building an elite rotation and stocking the minors with talented pitchers. They're super valuable for trades and I use the "washed up" veterans as relievers once their stamina drops towards the end of their career.
# 6 htskr21 @ 04/21/14 05:50 PM
All things being equal and assuming an average line-up, starters and depth, a great bullpen is the key to the prize. Turning a 9 inning game into a 6 inning game at playoff time because your 7th, 8th and 9th inning relievers are lights out is worth it's weight in gold. Nothing demoralizes a team faster than blowing a lead after the 6th...
# 7 Shaffer26 @ 04/21/14 06:36 PM
I think this sort of depends on what league you're in. In the AL, you could either go with a legit lineup with your DH or with a top notch SP staff to help solve the AL lineup's. I think in the NL you're better off going with a great SP staff because of the weaker lineups.
# 8 Armor and Sword @ 04/21/14 09:05 PM
No question a great rotation.

As long as I have great pitching…..I know I can win games. And when the dog days of July and August roll around a great rotation really starts to shine.
# 9 Raveneff @ 04/21/14 09:53 PM
I'm surprised majority are saying starters and bullpen. As I said in my comment I agree, I just figured there would be a few people saying lineup without hesitation.
# 10 cardinalbird5 @ 04/21/14 11:14 PM
Obviously its a combination, but I'll take a great lineup.

I find pitching is generally easy and you can still turn a mediocre pitcher into a good one, while hitting it is hard to do that.
# 11 ratedmoney @ 04/22/14 12:35 AM
For me its rotation because good starters will keep you in most games. I dont wanna have to depend on scoring 5 plus runs every game to win. Come October pitching wins no matter what your lineup looks like.
# 12 @legendm0de @ 04/22/14 12:53 AM
Because this question asks what's most important my answer is lineup, because if you hit gold there you'll be rolling all season and don't we all want that?

Only so much you can do about the pitchers you have, all of these things are almost equally important to focus on, but you rarely see big hitting club sitting out the playoffs. The ironic thing is, creating a big hitting club is almost impossible unless you have deep pockets, then you can pretty much do it regularly.. but if you can at least have reliable lineups that means so much for your chances to be successful.
# 13 SVCbearcat10 @ 04/22/14 07:01 AM
Rotation. You get 3 really good guys at the top of the rotation and you'll be tough to beat in the playoffs. Lineups win you regular season games, pitching wins you championships.
# 14 gwshark9 @ 04/22/14 09:25 AM
In real life baseball a solid pitching staff is critical to the success of an organization. In the Show however I feel it is necessary to stack your lineup and have as much firepower as possible.

I've completed 4 complete seasons of 162 games on the last 5 show games. I reached the World Series 3 times with the Tribe, winning it all three times. The other time I lost in game 7 of the ALCS on a throwing error....yes...don't get me started. In all those seasons I was top in the AL in runs scored, batting average and home runs. My pitching was top ten but by no means lights out. When you average almost 7 runs a game you can throw double A guys and win most nights...
# 15 canesfins @ 04/22/14 11:34 AM
In The Show: Lineup. At least for me, I find it easier to win games with a team like the Orioles due to their bats than a team with great pitching and a mediocre lineup.

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