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During the weekly NBA 2K14 livestream, hosted by LD2K and Ronnie2K, it was mentioned that a shoe update and patch #5 are both close to being submitted.

More details to coming soon. What are you hoping to see?

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# 1 DJ_Solis @ 04/22/14 09:43 PM
Wow, a fifth patch? Gotta say I wasn't expecting that at all. Hoping that auto play calling works in mycareer.

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# 2 andyacecandy @ 04/22/14 10:06 PM
Hoping for alternative jerseys in MyCareer mode... getting sick of default home and away!
# 3 rkocjay @ 04/22/14 10:09 PM
i havent played 2k in about two months ill have to see the patch details
# 4 Dannyld @ 04/22/14 10:19 PM
5 patches? that's like... 5 more than PC users get! Sweet!
# 5 d23x @ 04/22/14 11:03 PM
We'll see.. 2k has said "coming soon" since this gens release. Should just stick with 2k15 at this point and make it the best, at least better than this one.
# 6 mbergh22 @ 04/22/14 11:28 PM
I wanna see the audio cutting out fixed.
# 7 johnnylaiyee @ 04/22/14 11:31 PM
1. playoffs mode
2. free agency in my career
3. play call in my career
4. jersey # in my career
# 8 BaylorBearBryant @ 04/22/14 11:56 PM
audio bug is #1 for me
# 9 johnlnames @ 04/23/14 12:37 AM
I'm hoping i'll be able to change my socks in mycareer before my guy gets athlete's foot.
# 10 spidertour02 @ 04/23/14 04:38 AM
Considering that each previous patch introduced more problems than it solved, I wouldn't get my hopes up ...
# 11 Hornetz @ 04/23/14 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by johnlnames
I'm hoping i'll be able to change my socks in mycareer before my guy gets athlete's foot.
OS has comedians, lol.
# 12 El_Poopador @ 04/23/14 07:49 AM
free agency and non 0VC contracts in my career is at the top of my list. i hate playing for the suns lol.
# 13 bridsonj @ 04/23/14 08:07 AM
I'm just glad there is a shoe update honestly....I hate having to create shoes all the time. Mostly cause of Bron's nasty jade colorway that he always wears. Maybe it's just my game but unless I manually create a shoe and put it on him he always wears the green ones...no matter the jersey or home and away. More jersey's would be nice too.
# 14 sO100 @ 04/23/14 09:07 AM
Free angency in Mycareer! That will finally get me back on it!
Kobe 9 Elites
Fix the vanishing awards race/Allstar voting menu!!
# 15 champ1997 @ 04/23/14 09:55 AM
I really hop Jordan XX9 that westbrook wear will be in this shoe update
# 16 Dannyld @ 04/23/14 10:02 AM
I wouldn't expect much. Hopefully the audio cutting out is fixed, but as far as adding new features, or doing much more past bugfixes, You can forget it.
# 17 BigBadTom @ 04/23/14 10:09 AM
Hey, I haven't played 2k yet this year or kept perfect track, but arent there still some glaring issues with the game? Like major bugs and missing players still?
# 18 BChizzle @ 04/23/14 11:23 AM
How bout a season mode already ?
# 19 JayAtkHar @ 04/23/14 11:27 AM
Wow some of u guys are still having corrupt files ? Jeeze I thought u'd start over already. I started over like 4 times. Right now I'm seeing a playoffs theme in my career and I'm no where near playoffs in my season so hopefully they fix that and I'd live to see some newer shoes. I'm hoping for the Jordan xx9 and some Kobe 9 lows.
# 20 El_Poopador @ 04/23/14 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by BChizzle
How bout a season mode already ?
isnt there an option to do a season mode already? i thought you could choose season from the mygm menu.

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