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A couple of weeks ago, we polled you about your favorite pitching interface in MLB The Show. Today, we're going to ask the same question about hitting interfaces.

Which do you prefer: Zone, Timing, Pure Analog, or Zone Plus Analog?

Sound off by voting in our poll on the front page and leave a comment about which you use and why!

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Member Comments
# 1 HustlinOwl @ 04/23/14 11:20 AM
Zone, like to have some input over outcome/results
# 2 DutchYankee @ 04/23/14 11:23 AM
Longtime MLB The Show player and always play timing.
# 3 ch46647 @ 04/23/14 11:24 AM
I am new to The Show, but plan on getting the PS4 version in two weeks.

Could someone give a brief explanation of each hitting type? I would greatly appreciate it..

# 4 BSUFAN @ 04/23/14 11:43 AM
" Timing " is there really any other mode to use
# 5 brrmikey @ 04/23/14 11:48 AM
zone plus analog (no cursor)...love the feeling of knowing good/bad results are all because of my stick skills (or lack there of at times)
i hit from broadcast view, so i wanted to give another shout out to the dev team for fixing cursor related hitting from broadcast view...at one time the controls were reversed...thanks for caring about the .000001% who hit from broadcast view...i feel special.
# 6 Maxflier @ 04/23/14 11:53 AM
Timing for me.
# 7 rkocjay @ 04/23/14 11:57 AM
ill have to say timing been using it ever since i started playing in 08
# 8 Ryan97 @ 04/23/14 12:02 PM
Wow, surprised how many use timing TBH. I use pure analog. I find it provides great tactical feel of hitting the ball well. Nothing like turning on a fast ball and sending it down the line.
# 9 porkys8077 @ 04/23/14 12:05 PM
I play with pure analog. I done it last year and doing it this year.
# 10 thaSLAB @ 04/23/14 12:40 PM
Zone. I tend to use situational hit influence quite a bit too.
# 11 jmaj315 @ 04/23/14 12:50 PM
I love Zone + Analog... For some reason I hit time the pitches much better when i have to time my stride. And I like being able to influence where my PCI is.
# 12 decga @ 04/23/14 01:11 PM
Timing. It is the only one I've used while playing the Show. I have used analog before back during EA sports MVP series..
# 13 jfinger2013 @ 04/23/14 01:24 PM
I usually use Zone but think I might make it harder on myself and go zone + analog
# 14 sparkdawg777 @ 04/23/14 01:32 PM
I use analog but I wish the Show would introduce something like the MVP college baseball games had. In those games you could influence pulling the ball, hitting up the middle, or opposite field with the analog stick during the swing. To me that is more realistic than now, of course timing is always important but if you tried to pull an outside pitch it usually results in a weak ground ball. But if you tried to push an outside pitch it would result in a harder hit ball to opposite field but timing is still important as well. If you pulled the inside pitch it felt like really turning on the ball.

Maybe I'm missing something so somebody help me out if you can do this now.
# 15 Dwenny @ 04/23/14 02:01 PM
Zone during offline franchises and online games, been trying out analog in practice mode (MLB 13, PS3). Would like to see if there is a difference using analog with the PS4 version. Always felt there is a slight dead zone on dualshock 3. Maybe there might be some improvement with dualshock 4. I feel there is some imput improvement with the analog stick on the dualshock 4 when I play Madden.
# 16 aukevin @ 04/23/14 02:05 PM
I like Zone, but I wish you could still move the PCI some after you swing.
# 17 Qb @ 04/23/14 02:19 PM
I was a Zone user for years, but starting using Analog late last year. I was really frustrated with my inability to move the PCI quickly enough to be successful with Zone. Looking forward to using Analog with the better sticks on PS4 (and might even give pitching another shot).
# 18 Peter_OS @ 04/23/14 02:22 PM
Timing. Can't get used to the other hitting interfaces and I always struggle.
# 19 aguero90 @ 04/23/14 02:25 PM
What exactly is zone, does that mean you use L3 to try and hit the ball to which ever field you want? I've always used timing.
# 20 Gopher @ 04/23/14 03:13 PM
I've purchased The Show since the day of it's birth. Pure Analog all day every day and even twice on Sundays. Anyone who doesn't use Pure Analog is weak!

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