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Among America's four major professional sports teams in 2014, which were the 'Smartest Spenders?'

The Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots,Tampa Bay Rays -- and yes -- the Miami Heat. The club at the very bottom? Sorry Cubs fans.

According to the Businessweek.com article:

Our ranking of all 122 franchises in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB rates teams based on how much they spent in player payroll for every win during the last five seasons. Each team is compared against the average price per win in its league to produce a score we call the efficiency index. The less a team spends compared with its peers, the lower its score. Playoff victories and championships get extra weight. Payroll data come from the best available published sources.

The article also offers a "Create Your Own Ranking" section to determine which franchises stack up to what you believe is most important.

Sound Off: How do your favorite teams rank among the "Smartest Spenders" of 2014?

Sports Headlines for April 25, 2014

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