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With EA Sports Season Ticket now a thing of the past, and with more and more major titles being digital only (The Golf Club the most recent example) -- what do you think of the idea of having digital download copies of your games versus a more traditional physical disk?

Do you prefer having the physical disk still, or do you not mind the lack of clutter digital downloads give you?

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# 1 DLloydTV @ 04/25/14 12:47 PM
I still prefer to have a physical disk of my games. With sports games however digital does not bother me
# 2 bowld @ 04/25/14 12:52 PM
I like to sell my games on Ebay once I tire of them and with digital copies I am unable to do that. I will continue to buy discs until Sony comes out with a way to resell digital copies to others
# 3 Raveneff @ 04/25/14 01:01 PM
I prefer physical copies to boost my collection. I love seeing my collection of Bioshock, Madden, MLB, CoD, Battlefield etc. Just me though.
# 4 burjeffton @ 04/25/14 01:06 PM
Physical is preferred, if given a choice.
# 5 HustlinOwl @ 04/25/14 01:16 PM
physical as I can trade in if choose so and given that digital full price games are a joke
# 6 Majingir @ 04/25/14 01:20 PM
I'd choose physical disk mostly because digital means you must have LOTS of space on your harddrive and you have to download it(for people like me who don't live in USA and have to deal with bandwidth limits,downloading a 30GB game takes up too much of the monthly limit)

Not to mention digital copy is only available for purchase if you buy it from the online store or something, so you won't be able to get a digital copy of a game that came out 2-3 months ago for like $40-$50 or something.
# 7 Scribe1980 @ 04/25/14 01:21 PM
Physical, always.

Download you don't really "own" anything by definition. You are at the mercy of your HDD and its lifespan.
# 8 SDwinder @ 04/25/14 01:22 PM
I prefer discs for trade-in purposes, especially for sports games and their yearly release. Makes this hobby more affordable. However, I do like the convenience of not having to put a disc in every time when I want to play. Digital pricing has to come down on consoles, plain and simple. This would minimize the trade-in benefit and more gamers would do it then.
# 9 kaletore11 @ 04/25/14 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by Raveneff
I prefer physical copies to boost my collection. I love seeing my collection of Bioshock, Madden, MLB, CoD, Battlefield etc. Just me though.
This, I just love having a stack of games.
# 10 ghettofocker @ 04/25/14 01:30 PM
Physical...... Need to make the games cheaper to make me switch to digital
# 11 DetroitStyle @ 04/25/14 01:50 PM
There's absolutely no financial incentive to buy digital. With Steam and other PC digital delivery platforms you can get AAA titles for 75%+ off. Occasionally you'll see games discounted on consoles (XBL and PS+) but not at the rate and degree you see on PC. Until that catches, up it's physical all the way.

Example: Just the other day Best Buy was offering AC4 for $15 on the PS3. I bet it was still going for $59.99 digitally.

If they had flash sales, for example tomb raider on the PS+ store for $20 I would totally buy it. But it's still going for full price and has been since released. Amazon was selling it for $39.99 physical a few months ago. Still full price today on the PS+ store.
# 12 murph17 @ 04/25/14 02:00 PM
I prefer to go all digital...who wants to get up to switch discs?

But for sports games and anything else I know I'm not going to keep, I'd prefer a physical copy so I can trade it in.
# 13 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/25/14 02:01 PM
My last 5 games have all been digital. I like that it reduces the stress on the consoles.
# 14 mcmax3000 @ 04/25/14 02:02 PM
I prefer digital, but I have to go physical because of bandwidth caps.

If I didn't have a bandwidth cap, I'd be 100% digital on XB1 & PS4.
# 15 Grey_Osprey @ 04/25/14 02:08 PM
I'm a little behind the times with this digital download stuff, but I've always been concerned with filling up my HD, having to delete an older game to make room for a new game. How does it work if you decide to play the older game again? Do you simply download it (for free), or would you have to pay for it again? Is it possible the game could no longer be supported and available for download? For now, I prefer physcial copies.
# 16 asu666 @ 04/25/14 02:21 PM
Physical discs because I keep great game (e.g., NFL 2K5, College Hoops 2Kb, etc.) for a long-time. Companies tend to shut servers off too frequently for me to feel good about owning an all digital collection. Plus, I can always trade in a disc, so there's a little retained value that most digital goods lack.
# 17 ThatKidNamedTae @ 04/25/14 03:29 PM
Digital. Never have to worry about a digital game being scratched.
# 18 VDusen04 @ 04/25/14 03:55 PM
I prefer having physical copies. I do not trust digital at this point. For some reason, all digital gaming feels different from owning digital music. Perhaps it's the bigger investment, or maybe a perceived higher likelihood of something going wrong and deleting my digital copy (or rendering it otherwise useless). I also feel myself fighting the "always online" aspect of gaming that's trying to weasel its way through. I think I shun digital as a means of not encouraging such a process.
# 19 aukevin @ 04/25/14 04:32 PM
I don't care. Whichever is cheaper or has the best preorder incentives.
# 20 Cowboy008 @ 04/25/14 05:24 PM
I still like a physical copy

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