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The ShareFactory app was bundled with the recent v1.70 update for the PlayStation 4. The app allows gamers to create video projects from their captured files on their PlayStation 4 and then trim, edit, organize, and send their projects either to Facebook or a connected USB drive.

  • Simple and easy to use. I honestly didn't expect the app to be either, but it manages to be both.
  • Plenty of basic options to allow for just about any type of edit you'd want to make.
  • Tools are arranged and aligned in a way where you can get to what you are working on within a couple of button presses.
  • Once you get the workflow down, you can probably create quick hitting clips within minutes of your experiences.
  • Beautiful results with existing themes. With time, you'll be able to create very compelling videos.
  • Facebook integration is flawless.
  • There are some quirks to the editor still. For instance, you can't create transitions between many clips even though I really feel you should.
  • If your music file is longer than your video file, you either have to trim the music or add more video.
  • The ability to fade audio (music) would be nice.
  • Support for more USB-based creation devices like microphones would be nice in the future.

Final Thoughts

From my initial experiences with the app, it is an easy to use application which will serve most gamers' needs for sharing their gaming experiences. This isn't Final Cut Pro or Premiere, but ShareFactory is surprisingly a perfectly capable entry level video editor which will serve the needs of most gamers and its only going to get better with time. A big win for Sony.

Check out the video I put together with the App (minus the OS intro and outtro) above the text in this post! The PS4 mic is acceptable quality audio, although I'd prefer something higher quality for my next vid!

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# 1 taqiyya @ 05/02/14 04:20 PM
I like to use it to show friends how to pass big boos fight, give pointers etc. I think it is a cool idea and I wish we had this growing up as a kid. ( Old head here) Instead of telling stories about what you experienced you can show it .
# 2 LingeringRegime @ 05/02/14 04:31 PM
I post videos of nearly everything I play.

I don't do it for friends or anyone else for that matter.

I do it because I want to.

Regarding Sharefactory, it is nice, but I just wish the videos were 1080p.

Happy that I can use my Elgato though.

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