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Everyone loves to attack the experts, but who saw the NBA playoffs unfolding like this?

That doesn't mean we won't go after the desk jockeys with inflated egos and opinions -- because after all, every ESPN analyst is one Warriors win away from being wrong.

Maybe Kevin Durant is "inconsistent" -- ok, maybe not -- but the Oklahoma City Thunder and Indianapolis Pacers are in dog fights just to get out of the first round. The playoffs can make a fool out of anyone, but it's the teams at the bottom that are truly making themselves more than their regular season showing.

Sound Off: Why are top seeds struggling in the first round of the NBA Playoffs?

Sports Headlines for May 2, 2014

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# 1 killer miller31 @ 05/02/14 01:10 PM
Its INDIANA Pacers...._
# 2 SteelersFreak @ 05/02/14 01:16 PM
The Thunder and Spurs are fighting for their spots because they're playing some damn good teams in the Grizzlies and Mavs. I think if the Mavs would have ended up playing the Thunder and the Grizz playing the Spurs both of those teams would still be having problems getting out of the first round.

The Pacers are struggling because they've completely fallen apart and lost all their chemistry. And because Atlanta matches up pretty well against them.
# 3 jmik58 @ 05/02/14 01:56 PM
@killer miller31

Right you are. That's what I get for doing the Sports Daily on a short night's sleep
# 4 killer miller31 @ 05/02/14 07:40 PM
Haha no worries man! atleast your not a espn sports anchor saying it as i often here lately.Its like come on we have been in the League forever!!Lol
# 5 oldman @ 05/02/14 08:48 PM
Nolan Ryan ' s last no no was 23 years ago right?
# 6 jmik58 @ 05/02/14 09:25 PM

Wow, that's two in one day. First it was the "Indianapolis" Pacers ... now I can't count to twenty-three. Yes, 1991 was 23 years ago, not 13
# 7 eaterofworlds888 @ 05/03/14 07:27 AM
Definitely been a heck of a first round.

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