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Last week Owen Good over at Polygon wrote a great piece on how arcade sports titles are missing in action. Back in 2009, our own Jayson Young wrote a great piece on the same topic.

Think about it -- we have been lamenting the fall of arcade sports titles since 2009 in some form or fashion. But does that mean developers are missing an opportunity or does it mean they simply are making what amounts to a brilliant business decision?

The only way to settle that is to ask you, the sports gamer, if you miss arcade sports titles or not? Do you wish there were another NFL Street or NBA Street? Would you like more titles like NFL Blitz 2012?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment about why you do or do not miss arcade sports games!

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# 1 Majingir @ 05/02/14 01:43 PM
Games like NBA Street,NHL Hitz and stuff were awesome, but I wouldn't really want them as new games today.

The thing I do miss though is regular games having mini arcade games within the main game.

Old NHL games(NHL2000 is most recent one I can remember) basically had the NHL skills competition in the game along with abunch of other mini game type things to do.

One NBA game had the skills competition portion of all star weekend but that's not in any game anymore

MVP Baseball had the best arcade mode ever with that hitting minigame

That's the type of stuff which would be fun to have, arcade mode stuff incorporated as an extra mode within the regular sports games.
# 2 legacyme3 @ 05/02/14 01:45 PM
I personally would love to have NFL Street again. I was never the biggest fan of NBA Street, but NFL Street was always one of my favorite series.
# 3 threattonature @ 05/02/14 01:53 PM
I definitely miss the NBA Street series. At the very least release one and put a lower price tag on it. Don't worry about having the super super overpowered graphics as that's not the main drawing point for those games.
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 05/02/14 02:12 PM
I would love to see arcade versions of major sports games reintroduced but at much lower price points and as cloud-based purchases. Most times, these games do not offer enough value to warrant a full $60 price tag.
# 5 SHAKYR @ 05/02/14 02:24 PM
Too each is own. I'm hooked on sim/realistic sports games. Arcade sports games would be my last option.
# 6 SVCbearcat10 @ 05/02/14 02:30 PM
They were fun because they exaggerated the limits of past consoles. Now that there is an ability to come close to a true simulation, there's no other way to go for me.
# 7 CaseIH @ 05/02/14 03:19 PM
I have never got into arcade sports games, nor have I ever had the desire to play something like that. Im 100% about getting realistic stats in all my sprts game along with simulation gameplay.
# 8 Trick13 @ 05/02/14 03:22 PM
Much rather see the old ones available as DLC with updated rosters then have companies trying to recapture that style. You know like PS2 emulated games from PSN.

I really only ever played blitz and the NBA equivalent that was in actual arenas, the one where the ball would catch fire - I hated Street both NFL and NBA - they stinks...
# 9 lbk087 @ 05/02/14 03:23 PM
the first nhl game i can recall that had the skills competition was espn nhl hockey(2k4) breakaway challenge, fastest skater, hardest shot etc it was dope need more of that
# 10 edwing @ 05/02/14 03:44 PM
Definitely miss the NBA Street series. I grew up with those games on the PS2. The Bigs was pretty fun too. I'd definitely be interested in those games should they ever come back (and I hope they do!).
# 11 KingTocco @ 05/02/14 03:59 PM
Arcade games are gone? Just play NBA 2K14 on PS4 or XBOX ONE
# 12 BBallcoach @ 05/02/14 05:18 PM
I just got a new gaming pc and downloading a PS2 emulator just for NBA Street Vol 2.

It's one of my favorite hoops games because how well everything it does. It also pays homage to the past terrifically. Especially for Pistol Pete and Dr J. Awesome flashy players who, thrived in an up and down game.
# 13 omega412930 @ 05/02/14 05:36 PM
i miss the nhl hitz series and still play the old xbox versions
# 14 iGamer @ 05/02/14 06:31 PM
Arcade games were fun when I was pre-teen to teenager, now that im a little older its has to be about SIM if its going to get my attention and money.
# 15 strawberryshortcake @ 05/02/14 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by kobebryant824
Arcade games are gone? Just play NBA 2K14 on PS4 or XBOX ONE
But NBA2K14 is a simulation. Now NBA JAM is an arcade game. The BIGS is an arcade game.

Side note: Never understood why people chooses a celebrity name or athlete as their username unless that is their real name. If they're a fan, probably a good idea to put Fan of _____ as the username. Sorry. Got off track.
# 16 AntiBandwagoner @ 05/02/14 09:18 PM
I was in to them when I was younger but would have no interest in buying arcade games now. I prefer simulation games.
# 17 DJ @ 05/02/14 10:31 PM
Yes, and I think developers are missing out on the HANDHELD market.

To me, it'd be a home run if we had the following on a 3DS and Vita:

NHL Hitz (or NHL 94 with updated rosters)
NFL Blitz (or Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters)
NBA Street
MLB Power Pros

That would give us gamers that enjoy sports games more options on handheld devices, and also perhaps create an opportunity for EA and others to make a profit on the games they develop. A non-sports gamer is more likely to try out NBA Jam or NHL Hitz as opposed to playing NBA 2K or NHL.

It's clear EA and 2K want no part of creating a sports sim experience like MLB The Show, which is fantastic on the Vita. Going the arcade route would increase market share and provide gamers with more options.

Of course, these will likely never come to pass, but it's a thought and something I can only hope gets implemented.
# 18 Skyboxer @ 05/03/14 06:21 AM
Don't miss at all as I never cared for them.
# 19 eaterofworlds888 @ 05/03/14 07:25 AM
It's tough for me to vote on one of these. I prefer sim games for the most part, but would be all for a new NBA Street game.
# 20 RoyceDa59 @ 05/03/14 08:48 AM
Come on NFL Blitz was awesome when you had a few buddies over to play especially when nobody new cheats and just were randomly inputting codes to see what they get. I grew up on NBA Jam TE, NBA Street NHL Hitz, and even NFL Xtreme was pretty good as well as the Arcade Boxing games. The probably wouldn't hold my attention as much now that I am older but if one was done really well I would give it a try.

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