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Happy MLB 14 The Show release day! Many of you are getting your first crack at MLB 14 The Show on PS4 right now, and despite some huge hiccups when it comes to the digital download of the game -- everything seems to be going smoothly. Here are some quick hitting (pun?) impressions:
  • First off, the game is just smooth. The framerate makes the game feel more seamless and fluid.
  • The core gameplay experience just isn't going to be that different, neither from previous years or from the PS3 version. A lot of the changes will need more time than I've had to digest. If you are going into The Show with other expectations, you are going to be disappointed.
  • Quick counts/fast play is an incredibly efficient way to play the game. I have found myself forgetting to look at the count some and assuming it's 0-0 and taking a 1-2 pitch though.
  • The graphics themselves are beautiful. But as many have been saying, it looks like an enhanced version of the PS3 version of the game moreso than a complete overhaul of the visual engine. The lighting is enhanced and the crowds and stadiums look better.
  • The enhancements within The Show this year are found off of the field in the enhanced modes. No reinventing of the wheel this year.
Final Thoughts (For Now)

If you are a more casual baseball fan and you already own the PS3 version, you will not see much difference in upgrading. If you are a hardcore fan or were waiting on the PS4 version, you will be getting a refined/better looking version of the game you've been playing on the PS3 for years.

Don't expect the wheel to be reinvented, but when it comes to delivering a good and solid version of baseball Sony appears to have another solid title on its hands. Look for our full review coming soon!

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Member Comments
# 1 onac22 @ 05/06/14 12:04 PM
That's cool I can't wait, it looks fun, but I still can't download.
# 2 BA2929 @ 05/06/14 02:11 PM
Who wants to bet this thread turns into a place to complain about the digital download issues?

Can't wait until UPS delivers my game later today! I've never played a version of this game ever. I expect it to be light years ahead of the 2k baseball series (outside of the pitching and the announcing).
# 3 Burge823 @ 05/06/14 02:46 PM
2k baseball is JUNK compared to this series
# 4 PES3Paul @ 05/06/14 03:44 PM
That's simply not good enough. What was the PS4 created for, FFS? Time for developers to start building for the PS4 and not the PS3. I'm saving my $ for EA UFC, then NHL 15 down the road.
# 5 jaredsmith83 @ 05/06/14 04:15 PM
We all saw how much things changed from 07-08 and then again in 08-09 on the PS3. They just shined up the wheel instead of reinventing it. I imagine between 14-15 it'll be good, then 15-16 it'll be even more amazing. Let's just be excited for what we're getting! I know I'm pumped.
# 6 FBeaule04 @ 05/06/14 04:25 PM
Nice read. Would have a question for you Chris. Is the crowd, the feeling in the game, the crowd and the playing field better than NBA 2K14 for you?
# 7 aguero90 @ 05/06/14 04:35 PM
Having had the game since Saturday, I've had the chance to play some games and get into RTTS. It is a very well played game. Since I can't comment much on graphics, I'll base this little review on what I can notice. First, the gameplay itself is basicly unchanged from 13, this isn't a bad thing, it plays very smooth and is a great representation of the game we all love. The main area I've always taken issue is of course the commentary. I'm sure in years to come, we'll get a vast improvement. That's not to say it's bad, far from it. All-in-all, its a ton of fun to play, and the added feature of live streaming takes it to another level. Some of you might have been watching my stream the other day, when I took a perfect game into the 8th. That added specter of 500 people watching me as I tried to make history makes it even more enjoyable. Having play-by-play back in RTTS was a must, and I'm glad it's back.
# 8 MMChrisS @ 05/06/14 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by FBeaule04
Nice read. Would have a question for you Chris. Is the crowd, the feeling in the game, the crowd and the playing field better than NBA 2K14 for you?
They're different sports with different atmospheres. Both are pretty good -- really The Show I didn't feel there was THAT much of a difference between the PS4 and PS3 versions, it's really a similar feeling I got with NBA 2K14 as far as the atmosphere went. Think both titles are comparable in that regard.
# 9 LastActionHero @ 05/07/14 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by Nwo4Life75
I really like the lighting and the shadows when you play a day game,the transition is very gradual and it looks awesome! I haven't had a chance to play a night game,so I haven't seen that transition yet,the devs we're saying the night games when it turns dark completely looks really good a lot better then ps3 night games. Does anybody know if it looks better at night then the ps3 version at night? They said colors really pop during a night game and I think they said night games didn't have the faded washed out look,like the ps3.
Yes night games look miles better on the PS4.

# 10 johnnyg83 @ 05/07/14 08:25 AM
I'm happy to have a new Show, and maybe it's my TV, and it is more fluid, but this is no generational jump.

The grass looks like carpet (except on replays and cut scenes). The players look the same -- maybe slightly more in focus-- to me. The new hair looks terrible, anyone with a beard or long hair looks like a Chia-Pet. And the crowd, while more varied, has the same sort of movement and rhythm as last year.

I'm sorry, maybe my expectations were too high, but I am incredibly disappointed in the ps4 version. I still love the game but this is just a very very slightly brushed up version of last year's game.
# 11 tha_show256 @ 05/07/14 10:32 AM
I wouldn't say I'm disappointed in the graphics, however I guess I was expecting too much...I was expecting to be blown away. That's just not the case for me at least. That's not to say the graphics and the upgrades aren't noticeable, because they are. But, after seeing how far SCEA has taken this franchise on the ps3 with all the limitations they have/had, I was expecting more of a jump. Like when I 1st played 2k14 on my ps4 I was in total AWE over how BEAUTIFUL THAT GAME LOOKS! The game plays smooth as ever and once some kinks are ironed out the will but almost flawless. I'm just hoping in the future we see the breathe taking talent that I know SCEA is capable of.
# 12 JasonZimmerman @ 05/07/14 01:53 PM
Can someone please help me figure out how to add my own music to this game? I have all the reds walk up music and I want to add it with my music unlimited account on PS4!
# 13 rioami @ 05/08/14 09:12 AM
i need horizontal/vertical adjust. the show 13 had it but not this one or maybe there's a secret video options menu

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